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Asmaa Mohamed


In the lesson they are going to learn the meaning of proverbs. * Proverbs in different language.


Abc Power Point
Abc Projector
Abc Cards

Main Aims

  • The students be able to knoe the meaning of proverbs and when they can use them

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students try to say some proverbs have the same ryhem


Warmer / lead in (5 minutes) • Warmer to have fun /lead in to have fun and learn /break ice in only the first session

I will give him a warmup Video Ask students do you Know proverbs, they work in pairs for 5 minutes, can you give examples for proverbs ICQs 1. Do you going to say examples? 2. Do you going to work in pair or individual? 3.How much time do you have? 4.Do you use proverbs before?

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