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Functional Language
Intermediate level


In this lesson, I am going to teach the SS structures of polite request. Also, I am going to highlight the degree of politeness, then provide some statements for accepting a request or rejecting a request.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for Making polite request in the context of Socializing

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed listening practice using a text about At a restaurant in the context of Socializing and speaking


Lead-in (10 minutes) • Introduce the context

I will make simple requests by asking the SS directly and then I will start by a listening activity . EX.3 P.72 Cutting edge after they finish they will peer check their answers FB: WCFD Instructions: pls listen to an audio about people in a restaurant and write who is saying the sentence CCQ :Are the people in a hotel? ICQ: Are you going to match the names with the sentences you hear?

Semi-controlled (6 minutes) • familiarize the SS more with the structures

SS will be given the text they listen to during the lead in phase and they will highlight the phrases they heard. P.167 cutting edge Instructions: Now highlight the phrases you heard on the audio ICQS: Is it a matching activity? Are you going to highlight all the sentences? after they finish they will stick the highlighted phrases on the board

Structures expalanation (8 minutes)

After I check their answers on the board , I will start explaining the target language structures

Controlled practice (4 minutes) • SS to be able to fill in the gaps of a dialogue correctly

The SS will be given a fill in blanks activity and I will ask them to match the words in the box with the activity. EX.2 P.78 Instructions: Pls fill in the blanks using these words and after they finish finish you circle yes/no which means if the speaker's request accepted circle yes in not circle no ICQS: Are you going to write yes /No? then they will peer check and WCFD will be conducted

Freer practice (5 minutes)

I will present a picture and ask SS to write a dialogue about it. Then role play it Instructions: Look at that picture, create a dialogue using requests ICQS: Are you going impolite requests? Are you going to write about this family?

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