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Speaking Activity, Giving Proposals
Intermediate Students level


In this lesson the students will learn how to give proposals. The teacher will give them a piece of paper with a text on it. It is about developing a new shopping center. The students will be of three groups each having a different text. They will use the given points in their proposal. Then they will change groups in a way that in each group we will have members of all groups. They will explain their reasons for the proposal to each other and agree on one and describe it to the whole class.


Abc handouts p.89, 131, 132, 134

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a debate, discussion in the context of shopping center

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of organizations and associations in the context of shopping center in the town


lead-in speaking about shopping centers (8-10 minutes) • Speaking, Discussion, Vocabulary

Here I will ask some questions about shopping centers in their city. This will motivate them to find answers and automatically speak about the subject of the lesson. Then I will divide the class into groups of A, B and C, hand in a text(ex.1, p.89) and ask them to read it individually and then in groups. If they run into new words I will try to elicit and give the meaning, make them repeat them. But beforehand I have prepared some words to elicit their meanings. first I will give the word then elicit the meaning and make them repeat.

Preparation for reading and speaking (8-10 minutes) • speaking, reading and discussion

Then I will give each group a text and organizations(ex. 2). I will give each group one different text(p.131, 132, 134). They will act as if they were members of the organizations mentioned in the text and, working in groups, give advice to the local council about the place of the shopping center. They will discuss as groups A,B and C as before. Beforehand I have prepared some new words to teach their meanings, I will give the meaning or elicit them and make them repeat, Meanwhile if they face new words while reading, if it doesn't interrupt the flow of the lesson, I will explain them, too.

Reading, speaking and vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • the students having learnt the new words, through group work,will express ideas and write a proposal

After the students have read the text individually and then discussing it in groups, I will give them some clues(ex.2, p. 89) and ask them to have a look at them individually and then in groups and to use them to give some advice and proposals to the local council about the shopping center. But before giving those clues i will explain their meanings. Having read the texts, and the prompts and mastered the new words, they will, in groups, write a proposal.

Writing a Proposal (8-11 minutes) • speaking

After the proposals are ready, the teacher will regroup the groups, in a way that in each new group one from other groups should be included so that they can exchange ideas give their reasons for other two new members. Here I will give them the needed prompts(ex. 4. p.89) to arrange their proposals. At the end one from each group, as the representative, will be chosen to read their proposal and give the reasons.

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