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Mystery Objects
Pre-interme level


In this lesson students are going to practice reading a text. They are going to read the Mystery object text and focus on the vocabulary.


Abc English Unlimited
Abc Mystery Objects Flash cards
Abc Mystery objects cut strips
Abc Mystery objects real objects
Abc vocabulary real items

Main Aims

  • Reading Text

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and vocabulary


Lead-in (10 minutes) • Looking at the picture and guessing

Looking at the picture and guessing I will pass out the flash cards and ask students to look at the pictures and discuss it with their partners. I will ask some questions such as “How old are they” “Where did they come from” “What do they look like” “Why do you think they are called the Mystery object

Lead in (5 minutes) • Vocabulary

I will show a ‘manuscript’ flash card and ask “What is this” “Is it hand written or print” Then show ‘Herbs’ and ask, “What is this” “When do we use this” I will point at a “Pot flash card” and ask, “What is this” “What is it called” I will try to explain the meaning of the word ‘secret’; is when you tell someone something that will be kept between you and her.

Pre- Reading (10 minutes) • Target words

I will place three objects and flash cards on the WB and write their names. Then I will pass out the cut strips and ask students to read and discuss these words with their partners and explain which objects they belong to. I will give out the text and ask students to read and check their answers.

Reading for details (5 minutes) • complete the table

Students read the text again and complete the table. The teacher asks students to check their answers with their partners.

New Vocabulary (10 minutes) • Touch the object and describe it

The teacher will put some objects in the bag and asks students to close their eyes and touch the object and describe it to their classmates. For example: It is soft, it is hard, it has a soft surface.

Match the description (5 minutes) • Practice the new words.

Students are going to match the description with these three objects. Then check their answers with their partners.

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