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Unusual Achievements. Getting it right.
upper-intermediate. B2 level


This lesson is focused on two integrated skills- listening and speaking. It aims at improving the Ss' receptive and productive skills. Ss will be engaged in different listening and speaking acctivities. They will have the opportunity to listen and talk about general achievements.


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Main Aims

  • To talk about general achievements.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce related phrases and listening for specific details.


Warmer (4-6 minutes) • Engage SS.

Elicit the word achievement. Focus Ss on the pictures and ask them to describe who and what they can see. (share some information about the people in the pictures after they do first)

Lead-in (12-14 minutes) • introduce SS to the topic.

set the activity ex.1, pg.56 Do the first example and put Ss in pair to do the rest of the activity. Ss move around and check their answers with others and change their answers if they hear a better one. Put Ss in groups groups and ask them to discuss Ex.2 .

listening for details (10-12 minutes) • improve Ss ability of listening for details.

Ss read the questions in Ex.3, pg.56. play the recording and remind the students that they don't need to write full sentences.( pause after each speaker) Put SS in pairs to compare their answers and then play the recording again for them to check.

Speaking (10-12 minutes) • To develop the Ss' speaking skill

Put Ss in pairs and set time limit for them to decide on a topic. Ex.1, pg.57. Ask Ss to plan their talk in their pairs and tell them they only need to come up with one achievement. ( monitor if necessary) after about 5 minutes draw Ss' attention to useful languague and go over usful phrases and encourage them to use them in their story. Change pairs to make sure every Ss hears a new story. gat Ss to listen to each other's achievement story and encourage them to ask further questions. ( monitor if necessary)

Wrap up: (2-3 minutes) • Get Ss feedback.

Ask Ss to give their ideas about which story they found most amazing and why.

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