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Rod Turner TP3: Listening
English Pre-Intermediate level


Abc Audio 1: Match the Animals
Abc Audio 2: Special Friends
Abc WB (White Board)
Abc HO 2: Special Friends
Abc HO 1: Matching sounds with pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide practice listening for specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice with productive skills (writing and speaking)


Matching: Listening exercise 1 (10-15 minutes) • To activate receptive listening skills

I'm going to start by doing a listening activity. The students will be giving a sheet a paper and will be instructed to match the sound of the animal with each animal picture on the hand out. I will have them peer check.

Interview: Tim, Gus, Maxine and their pets (5-10 minutes) • Listening exercise 1

I'm going to play each part of tape script 75 for Tim, Gus and Maxine for listening exercise one. I will have the students work individually and then peer check. Since there are only three answers, I will show a picture for each answer.

Interview: Pet characteristics (5-10 minutes) • Define characteristics and work on ex 2

I will define characteristics and have the class listen to the audios again and work on ex 2 of HO2. I will on students for feed back.

Interview: Matching (5-10 minutes) • Associating names and pets with characteristics

I will have the students continue to work in pairs for ex 3 of HO2. After that I will have the peer check other another group and call on some students for feedback.

Personal Characteristics (5-10 minutes) • Productive skill (speaking ex.) HO 4

I will have the students get together in an onion and have them answer question number 4 on the HO. After that I will get feedback from students about what they learned from each other.

If Time Activity 1: Animal Memorization (0-5 minutes) • A fun way to bring the lesson back to the first activity.

A fun way to have the entire lesson come full circle is to test memorization by removing the animal name and ask them to guess the animal. Also I will talk about habitats by aksing the following: 1. Which animals you ca have a pets? 2. Which animals belong in a zoo?

If Time Activity 2: Hang man (0-10 minutes) • productivity skill that will keep the students engaged.

I will have students come up to the board and play hang man with the topic of animals. This will keep the students and engaged and stay relevant to the lesson.

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