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Teaching Practice 5
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will learn some compound nouns within the context of technology. Then, the students will read a text for specific details about online auctions . After that, they will practice the TL with a semi-controlled speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to read and answer the questions about online auctions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to teach vocabulary in the context of technology and online auctions
  • to get Ss to practice the TL


Lead-in (7-8 minutes) • to set the lesson context and to get the Ss interested.

I will give them a matching handout to test their knowledge. First, I will do a demo on the WB. ICQs: Are you going to circle? No! Match! Are you going to work in pairs? No! Alone! FB: peer-checking / Put the pictures of the vocabulary and let them to stick the words on the pictures. Drill for the pronunciation. Then, work in pairs 2 mins and ask these questions to each other. Do you use the internet often? What for? Which websites do you often visit?

Pre-teaching vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • to help Ss to understand the text more.

I will show some pictures and elicit the words from the students. (Concept-checking) Drilling for the pronunciation.

While-reading (8-9 minutes) • to improve their reading and understanding of a text

First, they will tick the words which they think they will see in the text and then, they will scan the text to find the words, check if they ticked correct ones. ICQs: Are you going to read whole text? No! Are you going to scan quickly to find the words? Yes! FB: Peer-checking then give the answers. Then, they will read the text for specific details and answer the questions. FB: check in pairs and WC

Post-reading (18-20 minutes) • to get Ss to produce the language

First, in pairs they will ask and answer some questions. "Have you ever bought or sold anything on the internet? What did you sell or buy?" Would you buy anything in an online auction? ICQs: Are you going to write or speak? SPEAK! Are you going to work with your partner? Yes FB: If necessary error correction on the board. I will separate them into groups. Ask them to create a website, give a name and decide what you would like to sell on the internet (choose a technological item). What's the price? think how you can convenience us to buy your item. They have 5 minutes to finish it and then each group will introduce the website to the class. At the end, as a class we will decide which item we would like to buy and why?

If time activity • if I have time, to be able to complete the lesson.

They can discuss online buying habits and refer to other people they know who have used eBay too. FB: WC

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