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A2 level


In this lesson students will learn to use the superlative and the comparative in the context of bragging about a city.


Abc My city is the best HO
Abc 'Yes, but' game HO
Abc Istanbul is the best HO

Main Aims

  • Speaking using comparative and superlative in the context of bragging about a city

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammar, comparative and superlative


Lead in (3 minutes) • To activate students' existing knowledge of the topic

teacher tells students that they have chosen a really good school to learn English, in fact it may well be the best school in Istanbul. It is much better than the school my friend went to in Ankara... Pairwork: Hand out what is best about Istanbul.

Preparing to write/speak (10 minutes) • To provide learners with a model of the task

HO: Yes but game. Students get handout A and B and work in pairs to fill the gap with the correct comparative or superlative. FB: First student from Group A reads the first sentence, first student from Group B reads the second sentence, 2A, 2B etc.

Useful language (7 minutes) • To provide and clarify language which learners may find useful for completing the speaking task.

Teacher writes 5 sentences on the board and clarifies the meaning and drills them with the students.

Speaking task (17 minutes) • For learners to practice their oral fluency in relation to comparatives and superlatives

The students are grouped in 3 groups and each group prepares to convince the others that their given city is the best. Each group 7 sentences using superlatives and practice producing them in a conversation including the sentences on the board. Now the bragging starts. Students get up and mingle and have to talk to students from other groups to brag over and back about their own city.

Error correction on the oral task (5 minutes) • To provide language feedback based on the task

Teacher writes down problematic language that she picked up in the monitoring and discusses with students and if necessary clarification and drill.

Flex task (4 minutes) • To provide freer practice if time allows

Teacher asks students to brag in pairs to talk about their own favourite place.

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