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Teaching Practice 3
Pre-intermediate level


This lesson will introduce new adjective to students. Those adjectives will be learnt into the context of zodiac signs. When adjectives and their corresponding nouns will be retained, students will be able to reuse them in new sentences. The target adjectives are used in the students' daily life.


Abc Reading for Comprehension

Main Aims

  • Students will be able to retain new nouns and adjectives and reuse them effectively

Subsidiary Aims

  • To enable students to practice the words retained through speaking and communication


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I link my lesson to the previous one, the worst hotel in London. I draw a mouse on the board and ask students what they would do if they found this mouse in the room and do not know how to call it in English. Let them guess for a while and then give a clue related to an anecdote. The purpose of this warmer is to raise students awareness of the important of vocabulary in the target language and how they can help a lot in meaning conveying. I give an example of me in Turkey; I do not really need to say: I'd like a bottle of water or I'd like a cup of tea. I just say: su and ├žai to convey meaning. And this is why I am teaching them vocab right now.

Cheking Meaning (5-8 minutes) • To check whether students have well retained the zodiac signs

I remind sts of the signs they have just seen in the class and ask them of theirs. I check their pronunciation first and then move to check other signs'. I hung pictures with star name behind on the WB and ask students to first point to their sign and name it and then they name signs of their friends. If they fail to spell or pronounce them right I turn the paper over and show answer. I drill pronunciation of the signs I'm putting a finger on.

Knowledge pre-testing (8-10 minutes) • To know whether students are familiar with some adjectives and nouns

I divide students into small groups and hand them in HOs on which a pre-test of their knowledge of some nouns and adjectives. They have to fold the paper and keep only the upper part. they first work individually and they are required to tick above the word if they know it, cross if they do not and question (?) if they are not sure. Students afterwards work together or in pairs in order to exchange each other's knowledge. The second stage is that students unfold the sheet in order to match the words with their respective definition. Within a time allotted, I first elicit answers from students before I give WCFB

Concept Checking (7-12 minutes) • To make sure that students have really understood and retained the meaning of the target objectives and nouns

To check that students have understood the meaning of the words I hold some pictures and let them guess which adjective corresponds to. I they just cannot find the right answer I write on the back a definition different to that given on the first HOs to support understanding. Simultaneously they drill the word with the right stress. Once I find learners swallowed the meanings I hand them in HOs to read in few minutes what their sign says about their personality traits and what are their main characteristics

Production and practice (8-10 minutes) • To provide an chance to learners to express themselves or their mates using the adjectives already learnt

After reading the star signs, I direct syudents to so;e scan reding by asking who is ambitious, who is patient....etc. and then elicit answer from students and get their opinion of whether they agree or not with what is written about them and whether they do believe in Zodiac signs altogether. For those who believe, what they think of their friends', finally, students will be required to form a sentence by reusing the adjectives they have just learnt.

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