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Speaking lesson - a website students often visit.
Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson students will practice speaking by talking about a website they often visit.It should be a news site, a blog, a forum or a social networking site. Ss will do exercises that will improve their language skills.


Abc video,handouts from the coursebook

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of social media and websites

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of reported speech in the context of social media and websites
  • To provide practice of internet and news words in the context of social media and websites


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Teacher shows pictures of some websites to students.These pictures are about websites like facebook and BBC.Teacher asks students what they can see .Teacher receives all answers from students without refusing any answer . Teacher should be away from negative comments .Teacher confirms answers related to blogs and websites.Teacher asks students personal questions about their own websites which are frequently used.

Useful Language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

In this stage , students are asked to work in pairs .The first student will ask some questions and the second one will answer.After that students change roles . Every student should be asked about his favourite website which is frequently used and visited by him.Students prepare themselves to answer questions about their preferred websites.

Productive Task(s) (18-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

Task One ( controlled Practice ) Students will be asked to work in pairs .In this task, students will ask each others specific questions given to them by the teacher. The answers should be specific and brief ( controlled Practice ). Students are given handouts which include the following questions : 1- What’s the website called? 2- What kind of news or information do you get from it (e.g. sport, music, entertainment, current affairs, etc.)? 3- How often do you visit it? 4- Have you ever posted a comment there? 5- Have you made any friends through this website? Task 2 In groups ,teacher tries to give students freer practice . Students first will be divided into groups in order to get the most usefulness from this exercise . Weak students should be asked after brighter students in order to get ideas from their classmates .Students will ask each other open ended questions set by the teacher like the following questions : 1- Why do you like it? Do you find it useful? 2- What stories or other information have you found out? 3- Why would you recommend this website to other people? Teacher monitors students and choose the best three students as models to speak in front of the class . Students should talk about different websites.

Feedback and Error Correction (8-10 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

Common mistakes will be shown on the board by the teacher .Teacher corrects the after finishing the tasks .Teacher gives different examples to students .

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