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TP 7
Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will be focused on their Receptive Skills of Listening and Reading


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Main Aims

  • Receptive Skill: Listening with CCQ

Subsidiary Aims

  • Receptive Skill: Reading with CCQ


Lead In / Warm up (5-5 minutes) • Introduce the Ss to the context and set up for the Reading and Listening.

Ss Look at the photo. What can you see? Where are they? What are they doing? Have you ever seen this picture? Where could it be? (Paris). Write Ss answers/ideas on the WB. Do not tell the answer.

Reading (5-10 minutes) • Ss to have practice reading and understanding.

Hand out the photograph with the text. Tell the Ss to Read the text about Willy Ronis and check Ss answer with what has been written on the WB. Now ask the Ss the 2 other questions What happened to the Photograph? What happened 30 years later? Discuss the 2 questions and go through the text again. Explain and translate any new words that are causing them problems. Eg each other, balcony, luckily, everywhere

Listening (5-15 minutes) • Listening for Gist

Listening CD1 Track 25 2.4 – Ss to have practice in listening A Tell the Ss that they are going to hear Marinette & Henri, the 2 people in the photo as they are today talking about their photo. Ask the Ss What do they do now? (they work in a cafe) Are they still together? (yes they’re married) Are they still in love? (Marinette says ‘its difficult to stay in love when you see your husband every day at home and work too’)

Listening (10-15 minutes) • Listening for Detail with questions

B Now Ss are going to listen again except this time the Ss will be given a True and False HO while listening. They will be given a few moment to read then I will play it again. Ss to work in pairs to compare their answers. Then check answers and ask the Ss why the F sentences were false. If time I will let the Ss listen again with the transcript so they can see exactly what they understood.

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