Başak Başak

Clothes Shopping
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will have an opportunity to practice shopping conversation through 4 different dialogues. First, we will review few words (clothes) from the previous lesson with a game then with 4 dialogues, we will practice clothes shopping conversation. Finally, we will do semi-controlled speaking activity about clothes shopping.


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for talking about clothes size in the context of clothes shopping and practising vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of clothes shopping


Lead in (7-8 minutes) • to practise the words have been taught

To practice the vocabulary we will play a game called flip flop. I’ll hang up the flashcards on the w/b and divide them into 2 groups. I’ve got two ‘’hands’’, I’ll choose one person from the first group and one person from the other group. I’ll give the ''hands'' and call out one of the names of the clothes on the board. When they hear the word, they will tap on the flashcard with the ‘’hand’’. The one who taps first will get 1 point for his/her group. I’ll do demo first. if time: after few practices, one of them calls out the names

Focus on function-Listening (8-10 minutes) • warm up for the other dialogues/ eliciting the phrases of clothes shopping

To make the dialogues more realistic, a shopping atmosphere will be created. I’ll stick a picture of a customer and a shop assistant, a fitting room and ‘’YKM’’( a big and famous store in Turkey). Then I’ll tell them that I’ll read a shopping dialogue and ask these questions(will write them on the board): - What does the customer want to buy? - What size is the customer? - Does it fit her?

Focus on pronunciation (5-5 minutes) • drilling new phrases

we will do drilling only for the new phrases. I'll read first then they will repeat the phrase.

Focus on function (3-4 minutes) • to give them an opportunity to practise the new phrases by seeing the written form

I'll hand out the dialogue with blanks. They will fill the blanks with the words in the box in 2 minutes.(in pairs). I'll hang up the dialogue on the board. The ones finish first will write the answers and then we will check the answers.

Focus on function (7-8 minutes) • to give them an opportunity to practise the phrases by "putting in order" exercise

They will work in groups of 3 for this activity. I’ll give few phrases. First I’ll ask them to put the phrases in correct order to have a dialogue (2minutes). When they finish, they will stick them on the wall. Then I’ll ask them to have look at the other dialogues on the wall. (max 2minutes) Then we will do drilling for the new phrases.

Controlled practice of speaking (7-8 minutes) • to practice clothes shopping conversations before semi-controlled speaking

In this activity, they will work in pairs. First, I’ll remind them that we are still in YKM. Then I’ll arrange where the pairs stay. I’ll ask them to practice each dialogue on the walls. When they finish a dialogue, they will move to the next one. I’ll do demo first and tell them if they are the ‘’customer’’, in the 2nd dialogue they will be the ‘’shop assistant’’.

Semi-controlled speaking (5-6 minutes) • to give them an opportunitiy to practise clothes shopping conversation

For semi-controlled speaking, I’ll hand out pieces of papers written clothes names ( for the customers) and prices ( for the shop assistants). And tell them when they finish the dialogues, I’ll ask the things they have bought. HOs will be given to the Ss at the end of the lesson as I don't want them to take notes during the lesson.

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