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Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students practice functional language to give and ask for directions through guided discovery based on a listening about a phone conversation between Rob and Jenny. This is followed by a text-work where students upon completing the phone conversation will come into direct contact with the target language. Then, language clarification is provided to help students remember and consolidate meaning, form, pronunciation and approppriacy. Finally there is some controlled practice using a map, which will be used in the Freer Practice to expose the students to a speaking role-play task asking and giving directions fluently on the breakout rooms.


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of functional language to give and ask for directions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Strengthen communication and interaction ties.
  • Developing listening for Gist.
  • Developing speaking skill fluency.


Warmer/Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students.

Teacher gives a situation, students individually will write down their possible solutions to find "Terry" their best friend's puppy on Google Jamboard, then students will read the possible solutions that their peers choose and in the OCFB will be decided which was the best solution. *Situation: A few weeks ago your best friend's puppy “Terry” got lost, someone told you exactly where it is, but you can't go to get him because you have COVID-19, your mom is going to help you, give her the directions to find Terry.

Text-work (6-7 minutes) • Expose the learner to try to pick up target language so as to make a guess at the meaning of the functional language to ask and give directions.

Students listen and complete a phone conversation between Rob and Jenny, before OCFB, learners compare their answers in pairs via private messages. Then teacher asks them some questions about the information they heard, and they will be asked to answer mostly without seeing their answers, this in order to try to remember as much functional language as possible. *Questions: 1. How do I get to Greenwich Village on the subway? - Take the B train 2. Do I continue in the same train? - No, you don´t, take train A and get off at 14th street. 3. How many stops are there to change from train B to A? - One stop 4. Is the restaurant on the right or on the left? - On the right 5. What phrase can you say after giving a direction? - Don´t get lost!

Language Clarification (11-12 minutes) • To help students remember and consolidate meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language that will allow them to give and ask directions.

Teacher guides the discovery of meaning, form and pronunciation through the uses of CCQ´S (Concept Check Questions) and pictures that will allow the student to focus on the context of the target language. -Meaning: Teacher asks a question and shows some pictures, students try to guess the meaning. -Form: Teacher will provide the base of the structure of the sentences that serve to give directions, through the brainstorming of all the students give, they will form the vocabulary that will help them to give directions. -Pronunciation: Teacher models the sentence and asks the students what are the words that are stressed and what are the linking words. Then, students will be nominated individually and after that in chorus they drill the sentences. -In order to expand the baggage of knowledge regarding how to ask some direction in a more polite way, teacher shows two different examples and students will be asked which one they think is more polite.

Controlled Practice (7-8 minutes) • Give students the opportunity to use the target language through the use of a map in order to have a meaningful practice.

Procedure: Teacher gives directions to somewhere on the map and then asks where they are (in Google forms), learners answer individually and then check in pairs via private messages, before OCFB. *Directions: 1. You are outside your house: turn right, take the train B and get off at stop J, walk to the left, cross the traffic lights and you have reached your destination. 2. You are outside the Beauty shop: you walk to the corner, round the roundabout, you go straight on 14th street, you pass the second street, and your destination is on the left. 3. You are with your mom and she wants to take you to a very special place: you walk two bus stops, cross 4th street, go straight on the school, pass the restaurant, go round the roundabout, and the destination is between the bus stop and the museum. 4.Terry got lost because your friend left his house, took the train B, got off at the Greenwich Village bus stop, walked to the corner, crossed the traffic lights, went straight on the movie theater, went to the drugstore, walked 14th street to the Prospect park bus stop, crossed the traffic lights, went to greet a teacher and next to school went to eat, and it was the last place he saw Terry, What was that place? *Answer key: Aquarium, The Tea Set restaurant, Church and Toks Restaurant.

Freer Practice (11-12 minutes) • Provide to the learners to a communicative task using the target language fluently.

Through the use of the map that they have previously used in the class, the students will practice asking and giving directions in pairs (x 2) on breakout rooms, they should say where their partner is and give them directions to get to the place they secretly choosed. Before the activity is done, the teacher models an example with the help of a volunteer. At the end of this task, will be provided Feedback and DEC.

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