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In this lesson, the students will learn about lexis through guided discovery based on activities related to types of question. The lesson starts with a short lead-in. This is followed by a matching activity (1a) based on speaking. There will be a vocabulary part which consists of 4 different activities related to each other. Finally, there is some practise for error correction if it is needed via drilling.


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Abc hand-out
Abc hand-out

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice in lexis with activities on the content of 'ask the experts' and to make the students develop their vocabulary knowledge about the topic.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency by using activities,drilling.


Warmer/ Lead- in (5-6 minutes) • To introduce the Ss to the topic, set lesson context, engage the students.

I will show a video clip about a child who asks silly questions and this will provide students to predict the topic and will attract their attention

PRE-TEACHING VOCABULARY (3-4 minutes) • to enable the students learn the new vocabulary.

Before starting the activity, I find three new vocabulary that may not be familiar for them. These are ' tidal wave', 'sumo wrestler' , 'wasp'. I will show the picture of these and pronounce the verbs. The students will repeat for correct pronounciation. (language anlysise)

MATCHING and ANSWERING the QUESTIONS (8-10 minutes) • to enable the students match the questions to related picture.

In this activity,there will be questions and pictures. The students will work in pairs. I will give clear instruction and match the first question to the picture as an example. I will handout the pictures and the questions will be outside. They will get out of the classroom and find the questions and match them to the pictures. I will give quick F/B. ( EX.1A) After matching the questions with the pictures, they will answer the questions individually. This part is just related to prediction and their own answers. (EX.1B) I will deliver the answers of the question on page 160. The students will make pair correction. This will help me to gain time and provide me to get quick F/B.

VOCABULARY-1 (5-6 minutes) • To enable the students practice in vocabulary.

In ex 2a,there are pairs of verbs in the box and there are 5 situations. The learners will match the verbs to the situation. The first one is done in the book, I will do it again for the students to understand what they will do.I will give quick F/B and write the answers on the board. I will focus on the pronounciation and show the stress of the verbs.We will repeat the verbs for drill.

VOCABULARY-2 (4-5 minutes) • To enable the students to be more familiar with part of speech.

In ex. 2b, the students will find 5 verbs which are also nouns. The students will find the answers. 'debate, reply, research, question, wonder' are both verbs and nouns at the same time. I will get quick F/B and write the verbs on the board. We will drill the verbs together.

VOCABULARY-3 (5-7 minutes) • To enable the students to be more familiar with part of speech, practise in form of the vocabulary.

In ex. 2c, there will be remaining verbs who changes forms when we use them as a noun. We will read the example together to make them understand the activity. The students will write the verbs' noun forms.These are -discuss(v) - discussion (n) -respond(v) - response (n) -investigate(v)- investigation) -inquire(v)- inquiry(n) *** 'look into' doesn't have a noun form. Finally, I will give F/B and write noun and verb form and drill.

VOCABULARY-4 (6-7 minutes) • To provide the students vocabulary practise and drill the meaning of them.

In ex.2d, there are 6 sentences includes 3 vocabulary choices. The student will choose the one which is suitable for the meaning. These are the noun and verb forms of the new vocabulary they have learnt. I will error correct if it is neccessary. Finally, I will review the all new vocabulary on the board by emphasizing intonation, pronounciation and stress.

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