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Reading lesson
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students practice reading skills, and also learn a handful of new words based on the text. The lesson starts with a discussion about students' memorable nights. Then, students see some pictures and attempt to guess the reason for people's unforgettable nights, and read the text for the first time to check their made guesses. After that, students read the texts to deal with some more detailed questions.Finally, students are provided with some pictures to choose their memorable night among them while trying to guess each other's night to remember to have the chance for speaking part as well.


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Main Aims

  • To provide students with the opportunity to make deductions, understand the gist of the text, and also answer detailed question to concentrate more on the text.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy.


Pre-text (0-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

The teacher tries to elicit the word MEMORABLE by asking IS THERE ANY DAY YOU REMEMBER IT WELL? WHAT DO WE CALL THAT DAY? The teacher asks for repetition and provides students with the written form. Then, the teacher gives students time to discuss their memorable event in their groups and collects feedback after that. Finally, the teacher pre-teaches three more words: ORGANIZE, LOSE( and its past form LOST), KEY

While-text (10-22 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a text

Students are made provision of some pictures about meeting a celebrity, a night by the beach, and enjoying a performance and they try to guess why the people in the picture have had a memorable night. Then, students read the texts for the first time to check whether their deductions were correct or not and also match the texts with their related picture. Students check their answers with their partner. The teacher collects feedback: MAGGIE PICTURE B, MEHMET PICTURE A Students read the texts for the second time to match some questions to their answers in the texts. Students check their answers in pairs. The teacher collects feedback: 1 WHEN WAS IT? WHERE WERE YOU? 2 WHO WERE YOU WITH? 3 WHAT DID YOU WEAR? 4 WHAT WAS THE WEATHER LIKE? 5 WHAT DID YOU DO? 6 WHAT TIME DID YOU GET BACK? 7 WHY WAS IT A MEMORABLE NIGHT?

Post-activity (32-42 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of language

The teacher shows students a handful of pictures about graduation, meeting Mohammad Mousavi, proposal of marriage, having a baby, and robbery and asks them to designate one that can make their night worthwhile to remember and gives students time to write down the description of that event. Then, the teacher distributes some cards with a name of a student on it and asks students to deduce about the person's memorable night that is written on that card and asks that student whether her classmate has guessed correctly about her or not and reads her description of that event for the whole class.

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