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elementary level


in this lesson Ss are going to review vocabulary and simple present question form which has been taught before through some PW & GW and game. In fact they are going to experience prepositions of time and place trough speaking practice.


Abc face to face/work book/ page 17/ex 2&3
Abc face to face pages 106/114/120-ex10
Abc face to face/Ts book/ page 144
Abc face to face page 25/ex9

Main Aims

  • vocabulary
  • To provide clarification of how to make time phrases with in, on & at. in the context of daily routine

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of daily routine


Setting context (3-5 minutes) • to encourage them to use vocabulary of free time activity

to ask them what they usually do during the week.

Exposure (10-15 minutes) • To put different time words in each circle that has one preposition to make a complete time expression

They will be provided with HO to write the words in it individually and then they check them in pairs and after that I give them their answer key to check their answers.

practice (10-15 minutes) • to make sure that they can make the correct time expression

I am going to divide the WC to three groups and give each group different hand out but first the Ss are going to do it individually to choose the correct preposition and to make question form with do you then they mingle to ask their questions from other groups to write their names on the HO.

game (5-10 minutes) • to check what they learned

I am going to give the HO to each group and give them a demo of what they are going to do. in fact They are going to cut the slips and match them individually and after that they are going to check their answers in pair and if there were any early finishers they can help the others and then I will divide the WB to 4 parts that in each part I will write one of the prepositions so they can stick the words on the WB.

If stage • to check what they learned about time phrases and grammar of simple past

They are supposed to choose the right preposition for each word in order to make the correct time phrase in ex 2 and after that they are going to read the reading again to answer ex 3 which they have to decide whether the sentences are true or false so if it were false they should write the negative simple present form. In this part I need ICQ to make sure that they understand what should they do.

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