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Teaching Prac 5
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice their listening skills through a listening exercise in the context of trip. As the listening contains some modal verbs such as could, can't and must, it will be a great chance for the students to have a better comprehension on modals of deduction that will be explained in the next lesson. In the end of the lesson a free speaiking activity will take place


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Main Aims

  • To provide students the practice of listening skill in the context of 'travelling'

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency in speaking skill in the context of travelling


Lead in and Building the Context (5-6 minutes) • To generate interest in the context of the lesson

T will pretend to look at a happy memory from his mobile trying to elicit different ideas from the ss about what the picture may be. The word that will be elicited is going to be trip or vacation. After eliciting the word, T will describe his best trip quickly to model them and then the ss will asked to tell their best trips to one another in pairs. T will monitor while they're talking to hear some interesting stories and then nominate some of the ss to talk about their trip. After generating the interest in the context of 'trip', T will explain that today's lesson is about a man called Conrad who travels a lot.

Prediction Task (4-5 minutes) • To help the ss to have some ideas about the listening that make the listening easier

T will show four pictures of the places that Conrad has been so far and the ss will be asked to guess where these photos may have been taken. Since some of the pictures can be adressed to a lot of countries, T will write all the answers to the WB then after the gist task the countries will be cleared

Pre-teach Vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • To pre-teach key lexis needed to help students for the listening practice

T will give a HO on that there are four pictures of the countries that Conrad has been to and eight words that will be needed after in the listening practice. The ss will be asked to match two of the words with one picture of a country. They will work in pairs.

Listening For Gist (5-6 minutes) • To encourage the ss to listen for general understanding

This task will be the first one of the while listening tasks. The ss won't listen to understand every single information but after listening the audio for the first time, the ss will be asked to put the pictures into the order for them to have a general comprehension.

Listening for Detail (10-12 minutes) • To help the learners to understand the text in more depth

T will prepare True-False questions for the students. Before listening t will ask the students to read the statements first so that they have an idea about the information they're looking for. They will listen to the audio for the second time and they will be expected to take some notes about the statements given. Statements won't depend on the modals of deduction which is the TL of the next lesson. T will write all of the statements to the WB and nomitane the ss to give the answers after they check in pairs. If the statement is false the ss will be asked to correct it on the WB. No Answer Key will be given so that t can ensure that they listened the audio efficiently.

Speaking Task (12-15 minutes) • To develop oral fluency on the topic

The ss will be divided into groups and each group will stand in front of a picture of a touristic city in Turkey. They will be asked to discuss the possible reasons to visit to that city. (they are going to talk about its food, tourist attractions, its nature etc..) After talking one student from each group will be put in a different group by choosing a spesific colour of a paper and they will be asked to share the reasons with their group They will try to convince the others to visit the city that they were first matched.

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