Benjamin Benjamin

Elementary A1 level


In this lesson students will review frequency adverbs in the context of their daily routines and their free time using the present simple.


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Main Aims

  • extend
  • To provide review, extend and practice frequency adverbs in the context of routines

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency in the context of routines


Introduction (4-5 minutes) • Introduce myself and get the students to introduce themselves

T says 'my name is Benjamin' and writes it on a piece of paper. T provides students with a similar piece of paper and asks them to introduce themselves and write their name. Ss are asked to put their name somewhere visible.

TL presentation (14-16 minutes) • to review and maybe introduce frequency adverbs

T shows the HO with the pictures and elicits the meaning of early bird and night owl. T writes the following sentences on the board (WB *1) and places the Frequency HO on the board. I.............wake up at 8 a.m. I............. see my friends at the weekend. I..............wake up early on the weekends. T asks Ss to discuss in pairs if the teacher is a Night Owl or a Early Bird and what adverbs would they use. T gets FB from WC. T proceeds to draw a continuum on the board and then asks the Ss to discuss in groups where do they think the adverbs should go. Ss then solve the continuum. Teacher drills the sentence making sure that students stress on the adverb instead of the verb. T drills the individual words and full sentences focusing on the word and sentence stress. especially: usually, often and hardly ever

Reading/questionnaire (15-17 minutes) • To practive and understand the TL in the context of a questionnaire.

T shows and asks Ss to discuss if they know what the questionnaire is about. T pre-teaches happy, have energy, record a TV program the end(film,party) WB *2 T gives the Ss the Questionnaire HO and Ss work in pairs. Ss are also asked to guess if their partner is an early bird or a night owl. T monitors and tells students to check out their score and read each others profile when they have finished.

Word Order practice (8-10 minutes) • To present and practice the use and word order of frequency adverbs.

T asks Ss to underline the verbs and the frequency adverbs (sometimes, often...) for the questionnaire. Meanwhile T arranges the board. WB *3 T ask students to discuss in small groups which of the orders are correct. A representative of the group come to the board and ticks the correct answer.

Wrap-up/speaking practice (3-10 minutes) • To practice speaking fluency with a personalized and meaningful context

T asks Ss to come to the board and write and activity and a verb they usually do. T demonstrates ' go gym' first T asks the students to share information about their routines with their peers. First a teacher can demonstrate with a strong student. This activity is also a filler. İf there is a lot of time left the peers can be rearranged.

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