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To be - negative
Beginner level


In this lesson, ss learn listening skills and speaking. Get Ss to correct the sentences in a listening exercise to elicit negatives verb form 'to be'. Learning pronunciation and contractions e.g. He is not - He isn't etc. Ss will be encouraged to use some vocabs to review from previous lessons.


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Abc Handout - Cameron Diaz isn't English!
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Main Aims

  • Ss learn negative verb form of "to be"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening skills, ss listen and determine what they understood in a CD conversation that leads to introduce the negative verb form 'to be'. Ss learn to pronounce and contraction of negative verb form "isn't and aren't. Practice speaking and review vocabs on jobs, colours and nationalities of previous lessons


Conversation on the train (5-12 minutes) • Practice istening skills to understand the conversation on CD

- Use PPT image and ask ss to look at the picture . Ask where is the picture located? What are they saying? Ss listen to the conversation from CD. - After that pass out HO for the exercise. T write on WB to show ss how to answer questions on True or False sentences by a tick for True(T) and a X for False(F) with red marker pen. Demo, T e.g by saying, 'I'm Turkish' (F) and 'I'm Malaysian' (T). - Let ss listen the second time and answer the questions. Ss will determine True or False with abbrev. (Don't forget ICQ) - Feedback: Let the ss check answers in PW. Open Class: T read through the sentences and the answers to elicit negatives.

'To be' - negative (8-15 minutes) • Introducing contraction negative verb form 'to be'. Work on pronunciation.

Demo "I'm not a student. I'm a teacher. Give more e.g. involving ss...She's a doctor. She isn't an engineer. This will help ss to review on previous lessons on jobs vocab at the same time. T-S "You're in class. You aren't on the train." Give more e.g. car, plane, room. Choral drill of pronunciation first before writing on WB on contraction. I am not......... I'm not ...... You are not ....... You aren't ..... He/She/It is not ....... He/She/It isn't ........ We are not........ We aren't ......... They are not ..... They aren't ........ HO Task in PW Demo No.1 T: Her name is Michelle. Ss: Her name isn't Michelle. Her name is Dominique. Feedback: open pairs HO with the sentences below for ss to practice S in GW of 3-4: My name isn't ....... My name is ........ You aren't a teacher. You're a ............. They aren't .......... They're Turkish. We aren't in the classroom. We're in the .............

Grammar exercises (8-10 minutes) • Practice the correct form of the verb to be

HO task PW On WB, write this symbol (+): is, are and (-): isn't, aren't Demo: Teacher is A and ss is B Choral Drill Feedback: Divide into two groups, ladies-A and men-B) and read through the correct answers in both the dialogues.

Match the sentences (5-8 minutes) • Review on verb form 'to be ...'is & are', vocabs of colours, nationalities, cities and countries.

GW of 3-4, HO of cut-outs, ss match the right sentences. T demo using two bigger cut-out to form the right sentence and stick on WB. Feedback: Individual ss give the answers.

Back-up lesson- Listening Activity (3-5 minutes) • Listening to the pronunciation: contraction- verb 'to be'

Give HO to ss and easy instruction to tick the correct sentences. Ss listen once and listen the second time and tick the sentences they hear. Feedback: PW ss check Ss individually take turns to answer.

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