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Shopping (FAM4.8)
Starter level


In this lesson Ss learn some new vocabulary and How they can make a conversation about shopping


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Conversation in the context of Something that we have in shopping mall like: soap and chocolate, spaghetti,.......

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice and review of Some/any


Greeting (1-3 minutes) • Warm up (meeting)

Make my materials ready to use Knowing about how they feel and what did the do yesterday Call Ss name for check them to be in class

Lead in (engagement) (3-8 minutes) • Start lesson and help Ss to get ready for teaching

At first I must Point to the picture and ask children to identify what things are in the shop and share their reason with class And for 2end step it's better for me to show some pictures about this topic

Controlled practice (study) (8-12 minutes) • Start lesson, make them ready for a conversation

I should Ask two children to read the speech bubbles for the class. And then I read the conversation and Ss must Repeat after me I make some group in class and for the first practice of book because they must ask and answer the questions with each other Then ask some of the pairs to ask and answer their questions for the class And after that I want Ss to highlight some sentences (like =Have you ever got any.....? &Sorry we haven't got any....but we have got some.....(we have some ICQ_CCQ_ monitoring during the class)

Freer practice (3-5 minutes) • Make a conversation

I have to Explain that children should write sentences about what is in the shop.for first I should Do it with model or together and ask some ICQ then let children do the exercise individually when they done it I take some feedback

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