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Teaching Practice 1b 12.02.2016 10:30 am
beginner level


In this lesson, students will review, learn and practice vocabulary about occupations, (work, retirement and unemployment) concentrating on: 1. the use of articles (I'm a student vs. I"m student)\ 2. the collocations distinctions between "Work in" and "Work for"


Abc Name tags
Abc line drawings, various occupations

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and review of occupations and appropriate collocations for "I'm (a)" and "I work in/for"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation


name tags (1-2 minutes) • hand out name tags

T asks student to remember name, T passes out name tags

who is this guy? (4-5 minutes) • Ellicit student participation, generate models of TL

point to the picture on the board. ask students "who is he?" write down student responses next to picture start the phrase in the speech bubble "I'm ........" call on 1 student to complete it. then start the phrase "I work in ........" call on a different student to complete it. show models, "I'm a ............" and "I work in a ............."

listening activity 1.36 cocktail party (7-10 minutes) • students will match the recording to the pictures in the book

ask students to form pairs in pairs, students will talk about the picture T: "what do you see?, talk about it in pairs" teacher will listen to the pairs, giving positive encouragement T: "listen and find the people" play the recording, pausing in between each sentence. students will check with their pair mates to see if they are correct

match the occupation to the picture! (3-5 minutes) • establish vocabulary and practice

pass out the pictures and the orange colored paper. put students into two groups and have each of them match the papers on the floor with the occupations monitor students, *eliciting them to make sentences* while they do it

match the occupations II (2-2 minutes) • students will learn and practice picture + occupation + workplace connections

pass out additional slips some are orange and some are pink they contain the names of companies and work places instruct students to continue to match in groups, this time they can say 1 more thing about the pictures. again, have students practice the phrases

ITI cocktail party (5-9 minutes) • practice occupation collocations

T collects materials and puts them on table T will model; T picks up a profession (green paper) at random and says " I am a _______ " and "I work in a _______" then T says, "we are at a party, introduce yourself" T assists students in grabbing green paper then let the mingling begin! T stops after some time, mixes professions, then more mingling T stops activity again, change professions and add workplace / company students will have to look at the table to find orange / ping slips that make sense

listening 1.35 (5-7 minutes) • practice listening and writing what we just worked on

have students listen to 1.35, asking them to look for words they don't know have students discuss

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