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Intermediate level


In this lesson Students are going to learn some collocations with make and do based on a listening about Chinese New Year Eve.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of collocations with make and do in the context of Chinese New Year Eve

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy by practicing speaking in a debate in the context of New Year Eve
  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about New Year Eve in the context of Chinese New Year Eve


Introduction (4-6 minutes) • It is a warm up to let Ss and teachers know each other.

- Explain the Ss they have one minute to fire as many questions at you. - Tell them they can ask any questions to find out anything they want to know.However, you won't answer the questions immediately. - After one minute answer any questions you remember or want to respond. -Put Ss in groups of three or four.Taking in turns, one person in the group listens to the questions and after a minute responds. - For feedback get a few students to report what they have learned about someone in their group.

Lead-in (6-9 minutes) • To get students interested in the topic and to introduce some new concepts in the text.

- By using power point, show Ss some pictures on Chinese New Year Eve. -Make sure the pictures come in logical order,for example, first show a picture of a place in china and ask them," Which country is it?" Then a picture which shows a celebration on New Year Eve in china where people are happy and dancing,Ask Ss, " What are these people doing and why?" - You can even teach some new words in the listening text like jiaozi. - Then put Ss in small groups and ask them to talk about one of their important occasions like Bayram and tell each other what they usually do and what especial food they eat or make. -Give them 2 minutes or so. - monitor them. - After 2 minutes ask some of them to say what they usually do.

Listening (7 minutes) • To prepare Ss for the listening and give them ideas about the listening text.

- Give the Ss some statements. - Tell them to guess if they are true or false.have them do it individually,and don't worry if they don't have enough information about some of them. - Give them 2 minutes. - Monitos them. - After 2 minutes have them listen to an interview to check if their answers are true or false. - Put them in pairs to check their answers with their partners. -Monitor them and help Ss who are struggling. - Give them 2 minutes or so.

pre-Vocabulary (5 minutes) • To get Ss to get interested in the topic which is some collocations with do and make

- Show them exercise one. -Tell them them to choose the correct answer do or make. - Ask them to do it individually. -give them 2 minutes. - Ask them to check the answers with their peers. - Get a whole class feed back.

Vocabulary 1 (12-14 minutes) • To get Ss learn some collocations with do and make

- Draw two columns on one of the sides on the board with the verbs do and make on top of them. - Use the power point to show some pictures related to the collocations. - Elicit information by asking questions.For example show the picture of a boy making his bed, and start asking question.Point to bed, T: " What is it?" S: " It's a bed " T: "What is he doing? " - Give Ss hints by pointing to make and do, but not especifically one of them.Let them guess the anwers. - Remove the pictures from the board. - Let Ss focus on collocations. -Erase the verbs do and make on top of the columns and write them next to the columns. -Use the board and show the Ss that in some of them we use articles like a/an or the, like make the bed or do the ironing.While we say do some work.And we don't use an article with some of them like make dinner. - Tell them they are going to do exercise 2. - Ask them to fill in the gaps with do or make.Have them do it alone.Tell them they have 2 minutes. - Monitor them. - Put them in pairs to ask each other these questions. -Monitor them and help them if they need. -Have a person from one group to ask a question from the list to a person from other group. - Help them correct their mistakes.

Vocabulary 2 (10-13 minutes) • To enable Ss to use the target language

- Put them in two or three groups. - Tell you are going to give them some cards in different colors.One color represents the words ,while make and do come in for example red. - Ask them to match the words with an appropriate verb. - Monitor them. - Give each group a name.Write the names on the board. -Write the words on the board. -Each time ask one student from each group to the board.Tell a word loudly for example the bed,Ss should write make or do next to it. -Any group who writes the correct answer gets a point.

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