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Jobs lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson students will know the jobs names and they describe the job by what they job keeper do. They will at the end be able to talk about the jobs of their friends and family and describe what they are doing.


Abc Job flash cards
Abc gap filling handouts
Abc gap filling handouts

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening


lead in (1-5 minutes) • to arise the curiosity of the students about the unit

Teacher is going to ask student what he does as a job and then he is going to ask does he like his job or not. Then students will be in two minds if to say yes or no that at this moment teacher gets their attention attracted to the bored and the projector.

Presentation • to elicit the vocabulary of the jobs

Students will be presented a series of pictures on the board with the projector. After each picture they will have questions about what the person who has the job does. This is going to be a picture of the face of their teacher but with different clothing and uniform of different jobs.

Spelling • To check the spelling of the students

students will be given a handouts on which there are individual letters. the handouts are matched together with paper clips that makes it easy for the students to figure out what the word is. They put the letters next to each other so they can have job titles. this activity will be done in the group of three.

practice • To make sure if students remember the name of the jobs

There will be some flash cards with the pictures of different people in different jobs that will be spread between students. Class is divided in two groups that which every group needs at least three students. Teacher says the word and students are suppose to pick the picture of the same job that teacher says. The student who has the most papers will win the game.

practice • To get students to know what activity each job has

There will be handouts given to the students and they will be asked to complete them with job titles. After that they will be asked to check their answers with their partner and then they to the same groups that they had they will be given a marker each and will be asked to come to the bored and write the correct answer in the correct place. Each student gets to write only one word.

Presentation • To get students ready with what they might here in the listening

Teacher will show a picture of a family tree and get students to ask what the people`s relation to each other is which because is not the main study s/he is not going to spend a lot of time and keep the family tree simple and to the point and then he asks what does your brother do after they mention the words brother and points to the other person and asks what does your ...... and then put students in pair and asks them to work on the same plan. Then he will ask some questions from the students one after another so he can get the WC, FB.

practice • To get students familiar with the real pronunciation and the usage of the word in the concept of listening

Students will be asked to unfold their handouts and to listen to the listening and put the correct word where it belongs. After the listening students will check their answers with their partner and they will also be asked to run a conversation in the same context.

Production • To activate the vocabulary they have just learned

Ss will be asked to run the same conversation with their partner and use different words and about their own life. Some of them might have some difficulties with what questions to ask that in this case there will be Keywords on the board. Otherwise there is no need to show them the keywords and the board.

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