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A Typical Day, Present Simple (he, she, it)
Starters level


In this lesson, Sts will be able to review present simple tense (he, she, it): negative and positive sentences. Sts will also and talk about their friends' daily routine and times through reading and speaking activities accordingly.


Abc Carol's Routine- Match the sentences
Abc TP 5 Power Point
Abc Pre- teach voc worksheet
Abc Carol's Routine
Abc Tom's Routine
Abc Nadine's Routine sts A
Abc Nadine's Routine sts B

Main Aims

  • Sts will practise and understand the MFP of Present Simple Tense (he, she,it), affirmative and negative sentences

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sts will do some reading and speaking activities to practise talking about the daily routines in present simple tense


Lead-in (3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- Draw a circle on the board and write my daily routine in it. - Ask students talk about

Pre- Teach Vocabulary (8 minutes) • to provide students to clarify the meaning of new vocabulary

T shows a power point presentation with pre-teach vocabulary - T models, highlights and drill new words with the class. (espeially the pronunciation of university and the differenct strewss patterns in midday and midnight.) - Sts pronounce the words. - T handouts pre-teach matching vocabulary and Carol's Routine worksheet. - Sts do the vocabulary on their own and they check their answers in pairs. - T gives the answer key on the board. - Sts focus on Carol's Routine HO. They read and fill in the gaps. - Sts discuss their answers in pairs. - For solid FB, T plays the recording and Sts listen and check their answers.

Present Target Language Positive Form( Present Simple Tense - he, she, it) (5 minutes) • present and clarify MFP of the target language

- Sts focus on example sentences on the board. - T points out that tthe verbs in blue are in the Present Simple. - Sts complete the rule. - T check Sts understand that in Present Simple positive sentences.

Target Language Spelling Rules (5 minutes) • to provide students accuracy in spelling

-T shows the spelling table. - Sts focus on the table. - T elicits which verbs go in each row and Sts complete the chart. - T goes through spelling with the class by asking sts to tell her the endings on each verb in the second column. - T underlines these endings on the board. - T points out that have is irregular and we say has, not haves. - T wants from her Sts to find some examples from Carol's Routine.

Target Language Negative Form (5 minutes) • To provide students to teach present simple tense in negative form

-T focuses the sts on the sentences in the table. -T highlights the word order and points out that doesn't is the contracted form of does not.Gives examples about the structure. - Sts practise the example sentences with the T.

Controlled Practise (8-10 minutes) • to provide sts more practise about the task

- T hand outs he, she, it form and Tom's Routine activity (same paper) - Sts do the exercise on their own. Then, they compare their answers in pairs. - T checks the answers by writing each verb on the WB then writing the he, she, it form next to it. - Sts practise the pronunciation. - T highlights the endings of these words on the board. -T set the task. (This is Carol's brother Tom. This is his routine...) - Sts do Tom's routine activity on their own. - Sts check and discuss their answers in pairs.

Semi- Controlled Practise (10 minutes) • to provide sts more practise

- T puts Sts into new pairs. ,(St A and St B) HO Nadine's Routine. - St A and B do their column on their own. - When Sts finish, they work with their partners. - St A asks Q 1-5 and put a tick or cross in column B of the table. St B gives more information if possible. - Sts swap roles so that St B in each pair is asking his/ her partner Qs a-e. Bs puts ticks and crosses in column B of the table.

Free Practise (5 minutes) • to provide Sts freer practise

-Sts ask about their daily routine in pairs. - Sts takes notes about their pair's routine. - Sts discuss their answers. - T gets FB

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