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Listening about capitals of culture.
intermediate level


In this lesson, ss will listen to two interviews about capitals of cultures, why cities were chosen to be capitals of cultures and what benefits they get when their city becomes a capital of culture.


Main Aims

  • To give ss practice in listening for gist, specific and detail information through the context of capitals of culture.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give ss practice in speaking for fluency.


Warming up (3-5 minutes) • to lead the ss in the lesson and to build up a context.

I will show ss some pictures of Istanbul and ask some some questions about them. 1-What is this city? 2-Is it an old city or a new one? 3-What about the buildings, are they old or modern? 4-How many people live in this city? 5-Are they all Turkish or from different countries? 6-So does this city have different cultures? Is it a multicultural city? 7-Does this city have a long history? 8-What is a capital of culture? 9-Was Istanbul a European Capital of Culture before? 10-In which year?

Listening for a gist. (6-8 minutes) • To listen for the main idea .

I will give ss an exercise. I will ask them to guess about the answers. I will write their predictions on the board. I will ask ss to listen to the CD and find out if their predictions are true or not. I will monitor . I will ask ss to check answers in pairs. I will get the answers from ss. I will

Teaching Blocking vocabulary /Drilling (5-8 minutes) • To clarify the meaning of words that may prevent ss from understanding the listening practise

I will divide the class into groups I will ask ss to match the words with their meaning. I will monitor to check if ss are on the right track or not and to provide any help if necessary. Ss will check answers with different groups. I will check answers with ss. I will write the words on board, show them the stress, pronunciation and drill the words with them.

Listening for specific information (5-7 minutes) • To get more information about the listening exercise

I will give ss a table with the two cities Sibiu and Brasilia. I will ask them to read the list on the left. Then, I will ask them to listen again and check the city that matches the information in each point. Ss will listen to the CD.I will mointor. Ss will check answers in pairs. I will check the answers with ss.

Speaking activity (5-7 minutes) • To give ss practice in speaking for fluency

I will divide the class into pairs. One will be A and the other will be B. A will ask B "Which city would you prefer to visit; Sibiu or Brasilia and why?" B will take his time to answer the questions and then they change roles. We may shuffle the pairs once more for more practice.

To study :Look (phrasal verbs) (5-7 minutes) • To study the look the phrasal verb.

I will ask ss what does look mean? I will elicit answers from them. I will give them this sentence: I am looking for my mobile phone. I can't find it. I will ask them this question: Does look for have the same meaning like look? I will give them some some sentences to study for two minutes and then ask them to fill in the gaps with the correct phrasal verbs. I will monitor to provide help if necessary. I will check answers with the ss

Filler (3-5 minutes) • to use this exercise as a filler

If there is any time left, I will ask ss to put the words in the correct order to form questions from the first interview.

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