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Intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, Ss will have learned key vocabulary related to business.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To facilitate practice of reading for gist.


Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • to engage students

Warmer part / Lead in: Tell a personal story linking to the lesson to get students attention. Referring to the previous activity and vocabulary as well. Hard working, Ambitious, Motivated, Risk taker, Instruction: Write 4 personality traits in the context of business. ICQ: How many personality traits will you write?

Vocabulary (10-12 minutes) • to introduce topic and prepare students for the unknown vocabulary by pre-teaching

Prepare the images and the definitions based on the text 1A I wil use ECDW for the vocabulary below. I will ask questions and give definitions to elicit the words. Then, I will write the word on the board after eliciting. I will check if they understand with a matching activity. They will match images with the right vocabulary. Then I will drill vocabulary (Just Gentlemen, Just Ladies) emphasising the stress. Boss Fired Salary Businessmen Compete Interview Team

Reading (5-5 minutes) • to Introduce Ss to the text

Ss make predictions to what the programme is about. Tell the students it was a TV programme and make them work in pairs. Instruction: Make predictions to what the programme is about and work in pairs. Ss will discuss and try to decide what the programme is about. 3 minutes for prediction and discussion. ICQs: Are you you going to write a story using the pictures? No. How much time do you have? Give them handouts which are the pictures including the title of the text. Get FB from Ss and elicit Ss' answers and check any new vocabulary.

Reading for gist (5-5 minutes) • to read the text for gist

Students will read the text fast for gist and check their predictions. Instruction: Read the text to understand the main idea? ICQ: What are you reading for? ICQ: How much time do you have? 3 minutes. Instruction: check your predictions in pairs.

Reading (10-10 minutes) • to read for detail to understand the main points of texts.

In this stage, I will ask them to answer the following questions in pairs. Is it a TV programme? Who is Lord Alan Sugar? How much salary does Lord Alan Sugar offer? What does Lord Alan Sugar look for? Where do the contestants live? How often does Lord Alan Sugar set the teams? How often do the contestants get fired?

Vocabulary (5-5 minutes) • to understand the vocabulary from the context

Ss complete the example 1B alone. Ss check their answers in pairs. Ss have 3 minutes to complete the task. Instruction: Give the handouts each person. Ask them to work alone. ICQ: Are we going to work in pairs? No ICQ: How much time do you have? Ask them to check their answers with their pairs.

Speaking (5-5 minutes) • to provide Ss to use the new vocabulary

Students will discuss if they would apply to be on a programme like this. Ss practice new vocabulary they learned. Instruction: Work in groups and discuss if you would apply to be on a programme like this? Why, Why not? Group A and B Ask them to share their answers with the class.

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