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Mini Encounter class (unit 4)
Low level level


This is a brief encounter with the native teacher to get a feel for what it will be like, in this we will do a units warmer activity and then 2 other activities.


Abc personal items
Abc Cue cards

Main Aims

  • To get to meet the teachers, and maybe learn vocab they didn't know.
  • For them to see what an encounter is.

Subsidiary Aims

  • For the teacher to get to meet prospect or new students.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To use the target language.

Before the students arrive write this on the board; Name? How/you? From? When the students come into the encounter room put them into pairs and then point to the board, and have the students use this information to ask each other questions. After they have both had a go at answering the questions get His/her partner to introduce the other person.

Target language (2-4 minutes) • Can name one or two very common jobs

Write on the board: Job? Elicit the question, What's your job? Gesture to yourself, say, I'm a.... Get the students to complete and repeat the sentence. (I'm a teacher.) Ask: What other jobs can you say? Elicit open ideas in class Concept check - How do you say my job? (point to yourself) Elicit, Teacher

Communication (2-3 minutes) • Can understand a noun as a naming word and how it works in English

Put 3 personal items on the table, ask students if they will do the same. Write on the board - what? whose? gesture to one of the items and then to the question prompts on the board. Elicit - what's this? Whose is it? Then try and get them to add in an adjective in to the first answer E.g. It's a NICE mobile phone.

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