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J2 Sem1 Wk12
Grade 8 level


Kids read about an amazing animal, do some grammar with prepositions, and then design their own amazing animal story.


Main Aims

  • Students develop confidence with reading comprehension and using prepositions

Subsidiary Aims

  • creative writing


intro (4-6 minutes) • get students engaged in the topic of amazing animals

Start by asking class if they know any amazing animal stories. There are two in the book so they might know some. Play the video, it's short and fun and just shows animals (some humans too) doing cool things.

gist (6-10 minutes) • Students read and try to get the gist of the text

Ask them what's amazing about the cat. (Answer: she found her owner in the hospital even though she'd never been there before.) Go through the reading slides. Get kids to read. After have kids talk in pairs about what's amazing, and elicit answer from class.

focus on language (4-6 minutes) • students look at prepositions in the reading

Put up the preposition slide. Give students about 5 mins to do this by themselves, then discuss in pairs. Elicit answers from class (the slide continues by putting up the answers)

semi-controlled practice (8-10 minutes) • Give students more practice using the prepositions.

Cut up the phrases from the sheet. Pick a student or group of students and give them some, but not all, of the words. Let them make a grammatically correct sentence on the board with magnets. It can be "I like to swim across the river" but not something like "I like to play through the forest." Encourage them to use a variety of words and not just "in" all the time. After they've done this some you can take away parts and have the students write them in, for example don't give them any endings and they have to fill in for themselves. Encourage them to use endings that weren't on the papers.

Freer practice (10-14 minutes) • students use what they've learned to write a story

Explain to the students that they will now write their own amazing animal story. The last slide has some questions and some ideas but encourage them to not just copy but invent their own story. In small groups they should write a story of several sentences including a journey and a reunion at the end (or, if they must be tragic, let them.) Students should then share their stories aloud with the class.

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