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Intermediate level


In this lesson SS will begin with a review of a listening exercise from the previous lesson. This will consist of T/F Q's about the listening activity and will lead into the main activity consisting of a reading and summarizing of two holiday reviews. SS will also practice adj/noun comparisons with a game and suffix activity.


Abc Holiday Reveiws
Abc Holiday Reveiws
Abc Vocabulary PP
Abc T-F Holiday listening review
Abc Grammar vocab word list
Abc Noun / Adjective words
Abc Adjective/Noun labeling and producing HO

Main Aims

  • To practice gist and detail reading skills in context of tourism

Subsidiary Aims

  • to expose ss to adjective / noun word formulation with the use of suffixes


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To reinforce the context of holiday travel from the previous lesson as well as to check comprehension from listening activity

TT hands out a T/F post-listening / -pre reading exercise. SS work in pairs to and after a few minutes, TT goes over answers with class.

Vocab pre-teach (5-8 minutes) • To provide SS with an understanding of what may be some unknown vocabulary

SS will see a picture of a man's face. TT will ask SS if they remember the name of the man who was going on holiday. Next ss will be shown a side by side comparison of Alan before and after his operation. TT will ask, what happened to him, to elicit the term face lift. Next ss will be shown a photo of a large house with a guest house next to it. TT elicits the name of the large structure (house) and will ask students to describe it (a big house). TT will ask ss about the smaller house next to it, and what the function of the second house could be, and guide them to the term, guest house. Lastly, SS will be presented with a picture of a jeep. TT will elicit the word 'tire' from the students, then ask what is the name of the 5th tire on the back.. TT will elicit the term for this tire, and it's use,(spare tire / an extra tire) then show a picture of that tire, plus a clock. ss will be guided by text on the top, showing the word spare + _ _ _ _ . TT will guide ss to understand that the picture is referring to spare time, and should understand that this means, extra time.

Reading activity (10-12 minutes) • To practice gist and detail reading skills in context of tourism and produce a summary they can share with other ss

SS are given a HO and put in to grouped pairs. Each student will first read the questions that will be answered by the reading exercise. Pairs from group A will read Alan's holiday review and pairs from group B will read Emily's holiday review. after answering the questions, pairs will turn over their paper and discuss what they can remember from their respective holiday reviews. After they summarize their own review together, TT will instruct each student from group A to turn and talk to a student from group B. With the questions in hand, they will ask their new partner questions regarding the holiday review they haven't read. They will write the answers in the place provided for them in the HO.

Post reading (3-5 minutes) • To provide ss an opportunity to regurgitate information obtained from the reading exercize

TT will direct a pair of ss to demo the previous activity out loud. This will allow other students to check their answers based on the FB provided.

Vocabulary (pre-grammar) activity (5-8 minutes) • to provide context for the next grammar activity

TT will demo the activity by reaching into a box and picking out a word. TT then describes the word without using the word. SS will say what they think the word is based on the description. (ex. Holiday - described as someone goes on when they are on break from school or work, travel) TT will ask for a volunteer or nominate a ss to repeat the activity. If the ss has trouble with the description, or the class is failing to get the word, TT will write out dashes representing the word, then begin to place letters in their respective places, giving the class a hint at what the word will be. The word list will be used in the following grammar activity. Words are : Kind, Popular, Danger, Comfort, Nature

Grammar exercise (6-8 minutes) • To demonstrate the proper use of nouns and adjectives and sort words into their respective categories

TT begins by giving the definition of a noun, and elicits students to say noun. TT writes that on the board, on the right side of a T graph on both sides of the board. TT describes an Adjective and elicits the word, then writes that on the left side of the T graph on both sides of the board. TT asks what do you think we're going to do next? Tries to elicit ss to say that we are going to arrange words into these two categories. TT will divide board into two part and class into two teams. Each team will nominate a runner who's purpose is to act in accordance with the teams wishes in regards to the grammar game. TT has already placed Grammar vocab words on the side of the board with the words not visible to the teams. TT mimes that the runner should chose one word at a time, flip it over and show their team. The team and the runner will work together to put the word in the right category. The first team to complete the task correctly will be the winner.

Grammar checking activity (8-10 minutes) • an activity with CCQs / nouns vs adjectives

TT gives ss ho with a list of nouns and adjectives with suffixes. TT chests the HO and points to the first word (knowledgeable) elicits ss to see that there is an "a" next to the word. TT asks SS what does the 'a' mean, to elicit "Adjective". TT moves to next word (sadness) and points to the 'n' by the word, elicits 'noun' and instructs ss to work in pairs to correctly label the rest of the words. After 5 minuets, TT asks students to write the nouns for the adjectives and the adjectives for the nouns. SS check answers on back of HO

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