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Help with listening (Used to)
pre- inremediate level


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Main Aims

  • Listening for gist and details

Subsidiary Aims

  • Review grammar "Used to" + speaking practice


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • Set the context

- ask the students if they like shopping or not. - tell the students about your experience with shopping.

Vocabulary (5-8 minutes) • Students know the meaning of vocabulary related to shopping

- use pictures to introduce the following vocabulary. - Try to let the students elicit them. - Get the students feedback and write the words on the board: skincare products, moisturizer, special cleansing liquid, bath oils) - write the following questions ask the students to work in pairs and discuss : 1) who goes shopping more in your country, men or women? what do they buy? 2) Is it a good idea for men and women to go shopping together?

Listening (5-10 minutes) • Students listen for details.

- Tell the students they are going to listen to an interview with Sam Bennett about his radio program, Real Men Shop!. - ask the students to listen and work individually to put the things he talked about in order: a) skincare products for men. b) a department store. c) a men's clothes shop. d) food shopping in the 1970. - play the text for the students (if the students couldn't give the answer form the first listening, replay the text. If the text is too fast break it into parts). -ask the students check in pairs. - get the students feedback.

Listening 2 (8-10 minutes) • Fill in the gaps

- tell the students that they are are going to listen again and fill in the gaps. - give the students the handout and ask them to work individually. - play the text for the students to fill in the gaps. -ask students to check in pairs. - get the students feedback.

Language focus (5-10 minutes) • To review the use of "used to"

- After the students finish filling in the blanks, ask the students to read the sentences from 1-5. Sentences areas follows: 1) Selfridges opened in ........................ 2) Selfridges used to have a special room only for ................ 3) In the 1970s most married men never used to do the ......shopping. 4) 'Shopping girlfriends' used to help men choose....... 5) ............... years ago you didn't use to see skincare products for men. - give q quick review for the use o of "used to...." by asking the students to work in pairs and write three sentences by using "used to...." - get the students feedback. - do error correction by eliciting the form from the students. - use time line to make it more clear.

Speaking (3-5 minutes) • To give the students semi-controlled speaking practice

- tell the students about things you used to do in the past. -ask the students to work in pairs and tell each other about what they used to do in the past. -monitor the students. - get the students feedback.

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