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Copy of Agreeing with Someone
Beginner's Level level


In this lesson, students will learn a few common expressions used to agree with someone and to let others know that you are listening to them while conversing. The Touchstone Student Book offers these expressions: right, I know. I have also included: I agree, yes, me too. A video, song, and recording will be provided for the students to help them learn and practice.


Main Aims

  • To provide students with common expressions used to agree with someone or to let them know that you are paying attention and listening to them. These help to keep the conversation going and create a nice back and forth.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with many opportunities of listening to common expressions used in conversation, as well as, a song which will help them to remember them.


Lead In (1-3 minutes) • To expose the Ss immediately with the new target language, and within context

I have created a video of "two" men having a dialogue and using the target language. It's one minute in length. I have also printed out the expressions along with their Spanish equivalents so that the students will feel empowered and supported.

Drilling and Pronunciation (4-6 minutes) • To quickly provide Ss with the correct word stress and pronunciation of the expressions

Due to the fact the students will be receiving a document with the expression and their translations next to them, and since they will have seen the expressions used in context when they watch the video, I feel it is good to go from Meaning to Pronunciation. The form has also been presented in the video, too.

Student Practice Sheet (13-18 minutes) • To provide Ss opportunities to work with the target language on paper and in speaking

Now that they have been exposed to the target language and its pronunciation, we shall move forward and practice with it. First, the students will fill in the gaps for themselves. Then, we shall open it up to pair work where speaking practice can occur.

Listening (5-6 minutes) • To provide Ss the chance to listen for gist as they hear native speakers using the target language

Now, students will listen to the Touchstone Unit 6 recording about Sam and his neighborhood. They need to listen for the gist of the conversation and decide which topics are being discussed by the couple. I will then have students do pair check before having one of the students write the answer on the board.

Listening Two (6-10 minutes) • To have Ss listen and respond to the listening with specific answers

We take the listening one step further as students respond to Sam. They will ask themselves, "Am I the same as Sam or different from him?" I will then have them turn to their groups and read their responses.

Gap Fill (5-6 minutes) • To continue the practicing of right, I know, I agree

Students will circle the expression that is true about their neighborhood and show they agree by writing one of the three given expressions above: right, I know, I agree

Song (3-6 minutes) • To provide Ss with a memorable song which will help them remember the target language expressions

I will play the 3-minute song and have them follow the typed lyrics on the sheet, as well as, the ones which will appear on the video. I'm hoping this will be one last fun attempt to secure the meaning and pronunciation of the target language before ending the lesson with some free speaking practice.

Free Speaking Practice (3-5 minutes) • To provide Ss with free speaking practice

Students will be given possible topics they can speak about with their partners. They will be asked to make opinions which their partners will either agree or disagree with.

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