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How to expain who people are
Intermediate-301(1C-A,B,C) level


In this lesson, sts learn to explain who people are through position vocabularies and the grammar of present simple and continuous


Abc powerpoint, pictures, gap filling handouts, magnet, laptop,cards, coursebook(English Result

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about a painting in the context of Las Meninas

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of present simple and continuous and their differences in the context of a painting named Las Meninas
  • To provide practice of present simple and continuous and their differences in the context of a painting named Las Meninas


Warm-up and preteaching (0-10 minutes) • To teach the words including: masterpiece, maids of honour, palace and enormous

T greets sts. T shows some pictures through power point and elicit the words( masterpiece, maid of honor, palace and enormous to sts. If they don't know the words, T teaches the words.

Engagment (0-5 minutes) • To Engage sts with a text named Las Meninas

T shows a famous painting named " last Supper" and flows to a painting with which sts might not be familiar with (Las Meninas).

reading for gist (0-4 minutes)

T shows two questions to sts and and ask them to read the text and answer them(2 min) FB; T takes a whole class feedback.

reading for specific information( scanning) (0-8 minutes)

T asks students to read the text carefully and fill the squares in the text with the numbers written in the picture. T takes a WC feedback. T asks " Which people in the picture are not mentioned?"

Controlled Practice of running dictation (0-10 minutes) • Sts practice position vocabularies

T asks sts to fill the gaps in the diagram with the cards pasted on the door in groups of two members. ICQ: Who can run?How should you run? Raise your hand if you can write the words. Feedback: T shows the answer on the screen

controlled practice(game) (0-10 minutes) • to pracitce position vocabulaires

T writes the names of the people mentioned in the text on the board. T models the game T asks tow volunteers to play the game. T explains each person's positioning in the painting in short sentences and sts should hit on their names as soon as they find who is the mentioned person.

Engagment for grammar (0-7 minutes) • To engage sts with the grammar of present simple and continuous through personalization

T shows the pictures of her friends and talks about them. T shows a text related to the painter of Las Meninas T asks sts to read it and say: Which man in the painting is it about? T gets WC feedback

Controlled Practice( test-teach) (0-10 minutes) • T uses Test-teach -test for elilciting the information sts know and presenting the rest.

T divides the board and sts into two parts. T names their group with " present simple " and " present continuous" T asks them to write the usage of thess two grammar items on the board Feedback: t shows the answer on the screen T ask them to match the numbers in the texts with different parts of the table in exe 8. FB: T shows the answers on the screen

Controlled Practice (0-5 minutes) • To practice the usage of the presented grammar

T asks students to do worksheet 1 with each other FB: T pastes the answers on the wall

controlled practice (0-5 minutes) • to practice more on the presented grammar

T asks sts to do the related exercise in grammar bank. T takes a WC feedback.

Production task (0-16 minutes) • Sts can explain who people are by their position and using present simple and continuous

T divides sts into groups of two members. In each group one st should explain the picture and the other one draws it by the help of her partner's explanation. instructions must be checked by ICQs T monitors them whether they are using the correct language or not. Task feedback: T asks sts to compare the original pictures and the drawn ones. T asks sts whose drawing is more similar to the original one. Language feedback: T writes their good and problematic language items on the board and and asks them whether they are correct or not.

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