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teaching practice 4
Beginners level


This lesson will be focusing on grammar and students will learn how to use 'how often' in the present simple and time expressions - never, once a week, twice a month etc. Also I will be reviewing adverbs that will be taught by one of my colleagues the previous day to refresh students previous lesson and then carry out the main aims of this lesson


Abc straight forward beginner, Macmillan
Abc Adverbs of frequency
Abc Cuttings of expressions of time
Abc Random pictures from the internet.
Abc HO
Abc Class survey

Main Aims

  • This lesson will be focusing on grammar - present simple using expression of time and how often students engage in their free time activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • Get ss to practice speaking using 'how often'


warmer/ lead in (5-7 minutes) • Review free time activities

Show pictures to students of free time activities and brainstorm what ss already know. Ask ss who participates in the following - cinema, shopping, concerts, gym, restaurants bars and museums.

review (4-6 minutes) • Adverbs of frequency

Review adverbs of frequency never, sometimes, usually, always. Draw a percentage diagram and quickly get ss to come and stick on the board

Time expressions (5-8 minutes) • How to use time expressions correctly in context

Introduce time expressions to ss by using cuttings then ask CCQs when do you go to the cinema? Once a month. When do you go to a museum? once a year. When do you go to a Turkish bath? Once a week. When do you go to the gym? Three times a week. Draw a diagram on the WB and give ss time expressions and get them to stick on the WB in order.

Grammar - how often (5-7 minutes) • teach ss to use time expressions

Elicit from ss the phrase how often by making them ask me how often I go to the gym or cinema using pictures previously shown. Show a pictures to ss and then ask how often they go to the cinema or museum etc. And let them answer using a time expression that's stuck on the board from previous activity

Gap filling using verbs (5-7 minutes) • practice using the expression how often

Chest the HO and explain to ss the activity ex 2, they have a list of verbs and they must fill in the blanks using "how often" with family habits and sleeping habits. make ss peer check and then get FB and write the answers on the board

Speaking practice (5-7 minutes) • Ss know how to use the expression how often

Ss work in pairs and ask each other the questions they have done in ex2 gap filling with the verbs. monitor and correct ss as they practice speaking

Practice (6-7 minutes) • Making ss produce their own language using a survey

Explain to ss they will do a class survey and design their own questions and ask three other ss in the class. Do an example on the WB and make sure ss write the name of the ss they ask and then chest HO and monitor whilst they do the activity

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