Grammar and Reading
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson,students will practice reading with a passage and different kinds of activities, and then after the aim is completed, they will focus on grammar,the Present Perfect Tense, with the help of various activities that flow controlled to freer and a game.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of the present perfect tense in the context of feelings.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about trying something new in the context of lifestyle.


Stage 1 - Lead In (5-10 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and warm up the students for the lesson.

-Write title of the reading text on the board. -Ask students that what comes to their minds when they read it. -Ask one of the student how he/she can change her/his life in 30 days and ask that students to direct that question to another student. -Ask them what can do to change their lives in 30 days or are they want to change something in their lives.

Stage 2 - Reading (10-15 minutes) • To provide a controlled reading practice for exercising the perfect tense.

-Ask them to guess what will be the text mentioning about. -Ask them to read first two paragraphs and use ICQS like which paragraph are we going to read etc. and hand out the photocopied pages from the textbook. -After reading individually, elicit their thoughts about the passage. -Ask them whether they are agreed with writer or not. -Ask them is there any challenge that they think the place of it is wrong up to them. -If it is possible ask them to work in pairs but if it is not, ask one of them to read the comments and then ask them to tell which of the challenges from the comments they would want to try most. -Find the first phrase together with class and then ask them to make this activity individually then elicit the answer from them. -Ask SS that when they were last outside their comfort zone, or did they do something crazy and spontaneous.

Stage 3 - Grammar (10-15 minutes) • To practice present perfect with various activities about experiences and feelings.

-Ask them to complete the given sentences. -Ask ICQs like what are we going to do in this activity, how are we going to do, in pairs, groups or as individuals. -Then ask them to check their answers with the text. -Elicit the structures of present perfect and write them on the board. Then ask them to match rules with sentences. -Stick your cards that Present Perfect, Past Simple, Both written on.Then show them the cards that have time phrases ask them to put those on to correct columns. And give the time phrases to them and ask ICQs. -Give them 2 minutes to work as a group on this activity. Then elicit the answer from them. -Then switch to the other activity. Ask them to do this alone.Don't forget to check vocabularies;paranoid(having an extreme and unreasonable worry about something), hiking (going for long, energetic walks),loads (of)(a large amount of sth). Then elicit answers.

Stage 4 - Present Perfect Dice Game (5-10 minutes) • To repeat the present perfect with a fun activity.

-Show the worksheet and tell them this is a game and they will answer the question according to number that they get when they roll the dice. -Do the first one,roll the dice and ans the question on the number that you see on the dice. -Then ask one of them to roll the dice and make the same and give the dice another student.

Stage 5 - Extra Game (0-5 minutes) • To practice present perfect with the vocabularies about feelings

-If there is enough students in the class separate them into two groups. If not they can work individually. -Give the instructions to SS by saying that they are going to play a game which they will read a sentence from a card then the others try to tell what comes to their minds when the student read that card. -After giving instruction ask ICQs to check their understandings. For example;what are we going to do?, are we play this game in groups or as individuals?, after the correct answer what are you going to do? etc. -Take a volunteer and make the S choose a card and read the sentence. -After the correct answer the student who read the card gives the cards to another student and the game goes on like this.

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