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Present and past habits
B2 level


in this lesson, this lesson students will learn about present and past habits through a guided discovery. it would be based on a reading text about a lady's daily life. The lesson starts with a discussion about students habits and it would be followed by a text where students will be presented to the target language. after that students will be given a controlled practice to reflect on what they learned. At the end student will be given a freer speaking activity where they can use the target language. -


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of present and past habits.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a freer speaking practice about habits.


warmer/ lead-in (1-5 minutes) • to generate interest and create a context for the topic

-Teacher starts by projecting two pictures of two couples, the first couple is an old man and his wife while the second couple is a new married couple. - T ask student to work in groups and look at the two pictures. - students are asked to guess and compare what activities both couples can do in the past and in the prsent

Reading task (1-10 minutes) • to contextualize and introduce the target language

Task 1: -Teacher will give students a text to read . They have to read it only once quickly and find the right title for the text . - T asks student for answers as feedback Task 2: -Student are required to read the text again and answer the comprehension questions. - As a feedback, students are given an answer key.

Highlighting the target Language (1-10 minutes) • To highlight the target language so that learners are focused on it.

- T gives students HO 2 which includes a gap fill exercise. - T asks SS to work in pair and fill in the blank.( they can refer to the reading text) - SS are asked to check their answers with each other. -As a feedback,T asks SS to come to the board and write their answers.

Clarifying the the target language. (1-15 minutes) • To clarify the form,meaning and pronunciation of the TL

Meaning: 1) SS are given HO 3 which include a chart of two columns, present habits VS past habits. - T asks students to work in pairs and put sentences in the right column. - As a feedback students come to the board and write the sentence. - T clarifies that used to and would are used to express past habits while the rest of the adverbs are used to express present habits. - T asks CCQs to make sure students understood the difference between the present and past habits. CCQs:- Do we use "used to" and" would" to express a present habit? 2) -Teacher gives HO 4 which includes ordering exercise. - Student are asked to put the adverbs of frequency in order according to their degree of frequency starting from 0% to 100% ( close percentages are acceptable). - As a feedback, teacher provides a cline and shows the least to the most frequent ones. Form: -Students are given HO 5 which includes scrambled sentences. -T asks student to work in pairs and put the words in the right order to make a sentence. -T asks student to check their answers with each other and then come to the board and write their answers. - T demonstrates and clarifies the forms of talking about present habits using adverbs of frequency and talking about past habits using used to and would in the affirmative/negative/ interrogative. - teacher points out that would cannot be used with stative verbs (love) verbs. Pronunciation: - Teacher highlights the phonological issue ( contraction) of used to. - use finger technique and back chain to cover that.

Controlled practice (1-5 minutes) • To concept check and provide students with more practice

- Teacher regroups students according to their height - T gives SS HO 6 in which they have to complete the sentences using adverbs of frequency used to and would. - Teacher asks SS to stand up and check their answer. - As a feedback, teacher asks students to go to the other class and correct their answers. .

Free practice/ speaking (1-5 minutes) • To provide student with a freer speaking practice.

- Students are given HO 7 where they have sentences about present and past habits. - they have to stand up and find the person who has the same habits.

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