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Mrs. Heba Badra -Writing Lesson Plan


In this lesson students will create a blog. They will work in groups to recognize and identify the functional language used in blogs. Then in worksheets, they will practice the format of the blog. Finally, ss work together to take notes as a prelude to write the rough draft and the final draft.


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Abc Student Book Page : 47
Abc pictures of social media Apps

Main Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a blog in the context of use of social media applications

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification on using functional language and the format of blogs in the context of Social media apps


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

After greeting ss, Tw show SS pictures of 4 social media apps and tell them that they’re going to do an ( inside -outside circle) . Tw divide class into 2 equal groups (A,B)The teacher explains that the students can speak to answer the written question on the board ( what do you now about the use of social media ) One group forms an inside circle (A) and the other group (B) will form the outside one The inside circle turns and faces the outside circle forming pairs. The teacher provided a question to be discussed and assigns either the inside or the outside circle to share their thoughts to their partner first. When the person finishes, the other person shares their thoughts. After discussion with partner, for 1 min the students (from group A/B) will be cued to rotate (clockwise or counter clockwise) and face a new partner. Now turn on the outside circle of students who gave the information. To get an accountability, the teacher will ask individuals to share what their partner said. (In this part, the teacher will score each student’s ability in speaking and listening and they have to share what information that they have gotten from their fiends orally) TW Give ss the game instructions: - Start moving when you hear the music and Start your discussion when it stops - you have one min to discuss given question with your partner ICQS: When will you start moving ? (when u hear the music ) When will you start discussing ?(when the music stop ) When should you stop discussing ? (when hear the music again ) How much time each pair have to finish their discussion ?(1min)

Gist Reading(Exposure) (7-8 minutes) • To provide a model text for ss to be familiar with topic and vocab for overall understanding

Elicit when you want to have a quick contact with someone who is far from you would you use social media or you will write them a letter? SS: social media is faster How can you have a live chat with someone who is far away from you ? Ss:( by using social media Apps ) Which one is the fastest writing letters or using social media ? SS: ( using social media) Make sure that all ss understand the word ( social media) by telling that it means interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. by using websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking easily Tw divide the class into 4 groups. Give each group 1 handout(copy of article p47 in SB). Ask ss to work in groups to read the model text quickly and answer these questions within 3 m: ICQs: Are you going to work in pairs or in groups? (groups) Are you going to read the questions or the blog? (questions) How much time do you have? 3 m. Questions: 1-Who create this blog ?Jake 2-What was the title of the blog ?my food shared 3-Why did she create it ? to show that cooking for friends can be fun Feedback: Student # 1/2/3/ of each group gives an answer to one of the questions above .

Language preparation (layout) (6-9 minutes) • To pick up useful language and be aware of the structure and layout of the text they will write

Get ss elicit that the language of the blog is ( easy and direct), The beauty, and ultimate value of blogging, is that communication is direct, individual, and uncensored. Tw ask each group to work together in 4 minutes and pick out some functional language of the blog. ICQs: - Are u going to work in pairs or in groups? groups - From where will u get the sentences for each item in the table? The blog - How much time do u have? 4 minutes Title short paragraphs about social media to make your posts easier to read Visuals Or Multimedia related to social media apps Fonts And Colors used are clear Tags and categories on posts are used to help readers locate information in different ways. Questions End Message to encourage readers to keep returning and interacting. Each group can swap their handouts together to check . Feedback as class. **Model Answers Title: my food shared short paragraphs about sequence: sequence of preparing dinner for friends to make your posts easier to read Visuals Or Multimedia related to social media apps: gathering photo of friends having dinner Fonts And Colors used are clear : yes and variable Tags and categories on posts are used to help readers locate information in different ways.(sequence words like first , next.../bold fond for headlined ) Questions End Message to encourage readers to keep returning and interacting.: (cooking for friends can be easy and fun ,I hope it is for you!) Each group can swap their handouts together to check . Feedback as class. Extended task : Cut up Jake’s blog into 4 parts ( title first , next, after and finally) distribute it to each group. Tell ss to work together to reorder this blog according to the model blog on p;47 They have 3 M to finish Ask ICQS: Are you going to work individually?( in groups) Are u going to reorder these strips or write another example of it? Reorder the stripes How much time do u have? 3 min Feedback: get ss swap their answer together to check.

Content preparation (5-7 minutes) • To provide an opportunity for brainstorming ideas and making notes

Tw say : "Now, each group is going to create a blog in 3 min about social media and its use . don't forget to take some notes while working, These notes include: Where? When? Why? Who? Ask ss to work in groups to discuss their ideas about the blog to take the best notes. Then ask ICQS - Are you going to work individually or in groups? groups - How much time do u have? 3 m - Are you going to discuss only or take notes also? ( discuss ideas and take notes) finally Tw walk around , check and note the errors to do error correction afterwards.

Productive Task (6-8 minutes) • To develop ss ability to construct an email organizing and expressing their ideas with relevant language

.Tw ask ss to work in pairs in 7 mins to write their rough draft. Each ss is going to write a part according to the format of the blog writing. Tw Give ss a format of a blog and tell them to use their notes to write their first draft. Tw ask each pair to choose another pair of ss to show their blog to them. The taller student starts T walks around and make sure that all ss work and participate in the writing process. ICQs - Are u going to work in pairs or in groups? Pairs - How much time do u have ? 7 mins - What are u going to write? blog - Are u going to think about new ideas or use those u wrote in the previous task? The notes we wrote before - Who is going to start? The taller student

Feedback and Error Correction (6-8 minutes) • To develop their ability to self-correct and assess their written work

After ss finish writing their first draft , TW ask ss to write their final draft and stick it to the Gallery Board . - Pairs stand in front their written work(blogs) - They rotate clockwise to observe and discuss their classmates’ blogs. - Use sticky notes to write feedback - Move on until they return to their written work to get feedback and reviews (carousel strategy) TW hand out blank worksheets and pencils . One worksheet for each pair to write the final draft. They have 5 minutes to finish . TW go round and help ss to correct any mistakes. ICQs: - Where will u stick your notes? Gallery board - Which strategy u will apply for giving feedback to your friend's work? Carousel strategy - What will they do with the blank sheet after getting their work's feedback? Write the final blog - How much time do u have for writing? 5 minutes

PACS (2-3 minutes) • Correcting common mistakes and wrapping up.

TW Highlight the common mistakes students made during their speaking activities. Try to elicit the corrections from students on the board. Provide the answers on the board if they cannot spot the mistakes.

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