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Love at Exit 19
Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson students will talk about different ways they can find friends and partners in their lives, read about a couple who met at New York State Thruway, about their relationship, do a number of tasks which will require different reading activities (gist, scanning, detail), this will be followed be a free discussion through questions based on the article.


Abc Article and exercises HO
Abc Presentation Love at exit 19

Main Aims

  • To develop students' reading comprehension skills through gist reading, scanning and detailed reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an opportunity for learners to express their opinions on the topic of the article they have read
  • To focus on language in the text, encourage learners to deduce the meaning and use of language from context


Stage 1 (Lead-in. Pre-reading) (5-7 minutes) • to introduce the lesson and make the context of the lesson interesting for the students

I'm going to show the SS 3 pictures from the 1st slide one by one and get them make the predictions - what are we going to talk about today? SS will work in pairs adding to their ideas as the photos appear. After the discussion get FB from some pairs. - So the topic of our discussion today is relationship, you guessed it right. Give HO to SS and ask them work individually on ex. 1A arranging the ways people meet friends and partners. Once they are ready, get them in pairs and check their variants. Get the FB asking SS prove their point.

Stage 2 (While-reading. Gist reading) (5-7 minutes) • to develop reading for the gist skills

Before passing to the reading of the article pre-teach some of the vocabulary: frequent, suburbs, tollbooth, traffic cone; Carnegie Hall, New York State Thruway, New York Yankees. Switch the presentation to slide 1 (with the photo of Sonya and Michael). - These are the main characters of our article, Sonya and Michael. I want you to read the article very quickly and tell me "Why could their relationship never happen?" I will give you one minute. SS work individually reading for a gist and working out the answer to the question. When they are ready, get the FB from 2-3 SS, eliciting the correct answer.

Stage 3 (While-reading. Scanning) (7-10 minutes) • to develop scan reading skills

- Now you know that Sonya and Michael were very lucky to meet each other and now they are happy together. I want you to find more information about them. You will have 2-3 minutes and find in the text the following information: their jobs, their likes, their first date, where they live now and what they do now. SS scan the text for the given points, underlining necessary information in the text. The points are written in the board for them to follow. After SS are ready, get some on them to write the answers on the board and check with the WC.

Stage 4 (While reading. Detailed reading) (7-10 minutes) • to develop reading for details skill

- Great, you've coped with this task pretty well and you know more about our main characters. Please, turn to ex.1C. Here we have all the events that happened to Sonya and Michael. I want you to arrange them in the correct order, number one is already done for you. You can look at the text if necessary. SS work individually reading the article for more details and arranging the events in the correct order. Put SS in pairs to check their guesses, ask the early finishers write their answers on the slide on the board. Check with the WC.

Stage 5 (While Reading. Vocabulary) (5-7 minutes) • to encourage learners to deduce the meaning and use of language from context

- I suppose you have noticed some highlighted words in the article and may be already guessed thier meanings. Now working with a partner match these words with the meanings in ex.1D. You have 3 minutes to do that. SS work in pairs looking back at the text and trying to work out the meaning of the words. Once they are ready, ask them to exchange their papers with a different pair and check. Get some SS to write the answers in the board, eliciting the part of speech with the WC.

Stage 6 (Post-reading) (5-7 minutes) • to activate learners' productive skills while expressing their opinion of the topic of the article

- Now I have got some questions to you about Sonya and Michael. In small groups I want you to discuss the following - Do you think it's a true story? Was it a good idea of Sonya to give Michael her phone number? Why do you think she did that? SS work in small groups of 3-4, discussing the questions. After the finishing of the discussion, get the answers from different groups.

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