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Reaching Agreement
B1 level


In this lesson, the students will learn how to make suggestions and reach agreements after being exposed to a listening extract from a meeting about setting up a catering company.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for making suggestions, giving and commenting on opinion, reaching agreement, in the context of a meeting about setting a company

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy practice in a discussion in the context of setting up a company to promote tourism
  • To provide listening practice using a text about a meeting about setting up a catering company in the context of business


Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • Warm the students up with the idea of setting up a new company

Re-group them into four: Tomato, pepper, mushroom, carrot, onion Instruction: Work in groups. Set up a new company together. Use these three questions for your discussion. You have 3 minutes. ICQ: What will you set up? A company or a cafe? (A company) How many questions do you have to discuss? (Three) Give them HO1 Nominate each group for their ideas.

Pre-Listening / Vocabulary Eliciting (2-3 minutes) • To learn some vocabulary related to the topic

Elicit the words below: -Catering: These kinds of companies prepares food for the parties. It starts with C____ Drill -Recap: This is another for word summarizing and repeating. It starts with R____ Drill -Rent: I am not rich! I can't buy this car but I can _______ it..... For a week Drill -Mediterranean: This is Turkey. Black Sea. Aegean Sea. ____________ Drill

While Listening (4-5 minutes) • To work on skim-listening skills (for gist)

Instruction: Listen to a team having a meeting. Find out what it is about. A catering company or a Rent a Car company? ICQ: Will you listen for a general idea? (Yes) FB: WC

While Listening (4-5 minutes) • To work on scan-listening skills

Instruction: Fold the HO in the middle. Look at the Ex2A.. Underline the options they decide on while you are listening. Name, location, type of caterings and speciality food. ICQ: Will you underline everything you hear? (No) Will you underline only the FINAL decisions? (Yes) Give them HO-2. Play the audio. Monitor smoothly. Instruction: Check with your peers. FB: WC

While Listening (4-5 minutes) • To work on scan-listening skills

Instruction: Look at the other part of the HO. Listen again and tick the phrases you hear. Monitor smoothly. After they finish, let them peer check. Write the answer key on the board.

Post-Listening (2-3 minutes) • To present and categorize functional language on Reaching Agreement

Instruction: Work in pairs. Fold the HO in two. Look at Ex3 and fill it with the phrases in EX 2B. You have 2 minutes ICQ: Will you fill in the categories using your own words? (No) Will you fill it with the phrases in EX2B? (Yes) Where is Ex2B (In the other HO) Pass out the HO3. Monitor them. When they finish, give them the answer key.

Post-Listening (5-7 minutes) • To work on sentence building using the prompts.

Instruction: Unfold the HO. Put the words in the correct order. People in this group will do the question 2-5. People in that group will do the questions 5-8. You will have 2 minutes. ICQ: This group! Will you do all the questions? (No) Will you do the questions 2-5? (Yes) What about you that group? (5-8) Let's do the first one together. WC: Write the answer on the board. "I THINK we should deCIDE on a NAME." ---- DRILL Monitor and help the weaker ss: "Cross out the ones you already used" When they finish they peer check. FB: Nominate Ss with the most correct answers. They write the answers on the board. After each sentence, drill the phrases. Be careful about stress. 2. That's a GOOD POINT. 3. I SEE what you MEAN. 4. I sugGEST we FOCus on the PROducts. 5. That's FINE by ME. 6. I'm NOT SURE that I agREE. 7. WHY don't we THINK aBOUT it? 8. WHAT about a NAME for the BUSiness

Speaking (9-11 minutes) • To work on productive skills using the functional language learned

Instruction: Look at Ex 7A. Read the task and write down some ideas yourselves.. You have 2 minutes. ICQ: Will you only look at the first part of the HO? (Yes) Will you work in groups or alone? (Alone) How much time do you have? (2 mins) Monitor and give some ideas for the weak ss. Re-group them into 3. A, B, C... Instruction: Work in groups. Read your roles in the part B of the Execrise. Come up with a plan. You have 5 minutes. ICQ: Do you remember if you are A, B, C,? (Yes) Does each of you have a different role? (Yes) Monitor for the delayed FB. If there is not so much time left, skip the D part and focus on FB. If there is enough time left, nominate one s from each group to tell about their plans.

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