CELTA TP 2 Lesson Plan- Two Cities- be (plural): Qs and Short Answers
Beginner Level level


This lesson continues with the same context as the previous and extends and practises the TL presented previously.


Abc Review Exercises
Abc Help with Grammar Exercise
Abc Get ready- get it right: Exercise 13
Abc Info Gap Activity

Main Aims

  • Speaking practice through an info gap activity.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammar- Question forms


Review/ Lead-in (5 minutes) • Quick review of the previous two (2) lessons and setting up the base for speaking activities

Quick introduction of myself, should there be any new students and as a reminder. Qick review of the adj.s through body language and miming. Images will be used for ugly, new, old. Then quick review of the emails read in the previous lesson by projecting the images to the board. Students will be asked what they remember about the two couples.

Introduction of Language (6 minutes) • To introduce the plural form of the verb to be in questions and their short answers as a guide for matching exercise.

The T provides a quick review of the plural form of the verb to be in question form and their possible short answers by eliciting through simple questions. -Are we in the class? ( The T position themselves together w the Ss.) -Yes, you are. (The T is in front of the white board.) -Are you in Istanbul? -Yes, we are. -Are you in London? -No, we aren't -Are they in Istanbul? (The T shows the picture of Alice & Mike) -Yes, they are. -Are they in London? (The T shows the picture of Alice & Mike) -No, they aren't. -Where are they? (The T shows the picture of Alice & Mike) -They're in Istanbul. The T then provides instruction and gives example for the matching exercise. Fill in the gaps w are or aren't ____ we in room 216? Yes, you ____ No, you ____ Then gives the H/O and asks students to fill in the gaps and match. Ss check their answers in pairs.

Pronunciation (2 minutes) • To practise pronunciation of exc. 11

The T provides instruction on listening and then repeating what they hear. The T then projects Exc. 11 to the board and plays the recording. The Ss repeat together. The class repeats one more time after the teacher.

Activity (Exc. 13 pg. 23) (15 minutes) • To practice the plural form of the verb to be in Qs and answers

The T divides the class into two (2) as A and B. Shows the students that they will be given a hand out about Alice and Mike and Liz & Steve. They will be instructed that they need to circle the correct answer and write the answer. The first exercise will be done as a demo with both groups with the T. They will work individually to circle the correct opiton and answer the questions. The T then will tell the class that they will play a game. Whoever answer the most correct answer will win. The T will pair the students and instruct the students to ask their questions to their partner and have an answer. The students then start the exercise.

Info Gap Activity (17 minutes) • To have Ss practise what they learned so far through a speaking activity

The T divides the class into two (2) and shows the H/O they will be given. The T then projects the first exercise on the board about Tom & Alice and demos the exercises with the class through the following Qs: Where are Tom & Alice from? How old are they? What are their jobs? Are they married? Where are they now? Are they in a new hotel? Are the rooms very big? Are the restaurants cheap? T writes the answers in the blanks and asks ICQs. Once se, the T numbers the students and pair them. The class starts to practice and the T monitors them while practising.

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