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Teaching practise 2a
A1 (Beginner) level


In this lesson ss will learn and practice the vocabulary of nationalities and colours in a controlled way that includes speaking and listening exercises.


Abc Listening CD
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of nationalities and colours (vocabulary) in the context of flags and countries on the map.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about colours in the context of national flags.
  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of nationalities with a focus on stresses.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To introduce nationalities.

Stick pictures of famous people (including at least one local one) to WB and ask the ss (elicit the words "job" and introduce "nationality": "What's his/her name?" "Where is he/she from?" "What's his/her nationality?" "What's his/her job?" Choral drill "What's his/her nationality?" Clarify contraction "Where's..." Write answer key on WB: "Nationality"

Vocabulary, Colours (7-8 minutes) • Introduce colours

Play track 1.46 on CD1 (Straightforward) then choral drill the ss with the colours red, white, blue, black, yellow, green, brown. Get ss to stand up in a circle and hand out realia (coloured balls of yellow, red, green, blue and white). Demo the task by holding a blue ball and saying "blue" then throw the ball to a ss and elicit "blue". Then gesture for him to throw it back to you and say "blue". Then distribute all of the coloured balls and have ss throw them to each other and call out the colours that they catch. Ask them to sit down and give them colours to split them in to groups and have them sit with their matching colours.

Vocabulary, Nationalities (10-11 minutes) • Introduce countries and nationalities

Put Turkish flag up in a prominent place. Demo by saying "I'm from Britain. I'm British." Elicit nationality from ss individually then choral drill with "I'm from Turkey. I'm Turkish." Split ss in to pairs (A and B) and demo the task by chesting HO (national flags) and pointing to a national flag and say "France, I'm from France. I'm..." (elicit "French") Distribute colour HO for PW. Allow them to complete the task whilst monitoring and error correcting. Look out for L1 use. Drill chorally on pronunciation with attention to stress: "France/French, Germany/German, Italy/Italian, Poland, China, USA, Turkey, Japan, Sweden, Norway, India, Scotland, Greece, Switzerland, Wales, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Britain, Portugal." Reverse the drill by saying the nationality first and elicit country names. FB: Demo "Where are you from?" and "I'm from Turkey. I'm Turkish" and allow for PW while monitoring and error correction.

Flag Colours and Nationalities (7-8 minutes) • Clarify colour vocabulary and nationalities

Give ss nationalities and move the groupings around then split in to A & B pairs. Chest the HO (national flags) and point to a flag and demo: "The French flag is blue, white and red." Ask, "what colour is the flag of Germany?" Point to another flag and elicit from a ss, "the German flag is black, red and yellow." Allow for closed PW as ss ask each other as you monitor and error correct if needed: "What colour is...?" and "The ____ flag is..." Put answer key on WB with coloured sheets of paper and write the name of the colours on them/next to them. SS FB, open pairs: have ss repeat the Q&A about flags and colours across the classroom by naming/pointing to each ss to ask or answer.

Vocabulary, Nationalities, Further Practice (7-8 minutes) • Consolidate nationality and colours vocabulary in writing

Drill chorally: "I'm from the USA. I"m..." (American) Chest HO (vocab booster) and demo the first exercise to the classroom. ICQ (whilst pointing at each column): "What are you going to write?" (the country) Ask them to work in their groups. Monitor with an emphasis on correct pronunciation. Move on to exercise 2. Just tell them to do it and monitor, error correcting if necessary. Ask for S-S FB by naming a country, e.g "Japan" and elicit: "Japanese." In open pairs ask ss to call out a country and get an answer from another ss, as above.

Extra, Naming Countries (5-5 minutes) • To provide practice for country names and colour vocabulary.

Chest HO (vocab booster) and point to exercise 5. Demo on WB rough drawing of UK and fill in some country names. In their groups let them draw "Turkey" and fill in the surrounding country names. Monitor and error correct. SS FB: individually the ss name a country bordering Turkey and elicit the nationality: "Bulgaria... Bulgarian."

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