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Teaching Plan No.2b - Describing Jobs
Beginner 1 level


To present and practise present simple yes/no questions and short answers. In this lesson students will practise in 'reading' for detail from a text and 'listening' to corresponding CDs relating to the text, followed by controlled 'speaking' practice.


Abc Picture of Lord Duncan
Abc Gap-Fill Handout 2
Abc Gap-fill Handout 4
Abc Handout 1 - Picture of Lord Duncan and Text of Interview/CD Tracks
Abc Handout 3 - Unjumble the Questions
Abc CD Tracks 1.83

Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice, and to present simple yes/no questions and short answers.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in reading for detail, and to give students controlled speaking practice, by 'reading' a text about Lord Duncan's job while simultaneously 'listening' to a CD.


Warmer/Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Show Ss the picture in the book of Lord Duncan being interviewed, and hand them the picture above the text also, but with the text hidden. Ask ICQs. Ask 'Who' the Ss think the people are, 'Where' are they? Who are they? etc. Tell the Ss that the person in the picture is Lord Duncan, and that he works for Duncan Enterprises (a company), and that he is talking to an interviewer about his job.

Vocabulary Check (5-8 minutes) • To check that Students understand certain vocabulary in the text and in the 'listening' exercise from the CD.

After showing the Ss a picture of Lord Duncan, try to elicit some of the vocabulary that will be in the text and 'listening' exercise and questions that may be challenging for them, such as easy/difficult, enterprise/company, 'game of golf', President, secretary, etc. and use further pictures to explain some of these words. Write these words on the WB, and get the Ss to 'drill' the words before they read the text, and listen to the CD of the interview with Lord Duncan.

Reading/Listening Exercise (8-10 minutes) • To test the Students understand the text.

Tell the Students they are now going to read the HO text of the interview with Lord Duncan below the picture, and listen to a CD at the same time Before they start, set the task. They need to read and listen to find out if Lord Duncan has a difficult job. Play the CD, and students are instructed to read at the same time. After they have listened to the CD, stop and field CCQs about the difficult job.

Exercise 3 from Straightforward Beginner Students' Book (10-12 minutes) • To test the Students' understanding of the text.

Ask the Students to read the text about the interview with Lord Duncan again, this time without listening to the CD, and then ask them to choose the correct answer from the questions in Exercise 3 (Straightforward Beginners Student Book). Do an example of Number 1 on the WB altogether first.

Grammar/Language Focus (10-12 minutes) • To elicit from the students questions they find in the text, and do a language focus stage

Ask Students to underline in the text any questions they find, e.g. Do you work every day ...? Elicit on to the WB examples of the questions. Based on Grammar Box page 47, (present simple questions and short answers) do a language focus stage on the WB, eliciting from Students the form of the questions and the short answers.

Semi-controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To concept check further and prepare Students for 'free practice'/production

Get Students to complete Exercise 2, U5C, Straightforward Students' Book, page 47. Students are asked to unjumble the questions. If time permits, it would be useful to add extra questions here. Check answers. Listen to CD Track 1.83 - intonation in questions.

Speaking/Free Practice/Production (5-8 minutes) • To consolidate the vocabulary and check the students understand what they have read and heard from today's text.

Get the Students to mingle and to ask each other and answer the unjumbled questions.

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