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Teaching practice 2b
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson the Ss will practice the Grammar using the infinitive after some verbs and infinitive after some adjectives. The lesson will start with CCQs and brief introduction into the TL where the context will be connected to the previous lesson on drinks and food. Then the Ss will be introduced the TL more detailed fulfilling the HO on Grammar analysis that will contain the practical examples. After, they will have a controlled practice doing 2 different exercises in 2 groups (one exercise for each group). After completing the task they will have a semi-controlled practice telling their partner from another half of the group about what they have read before. Then there will be a semi-controlled written practice that might be skipped in case of the time lack (The preference should be given to speaking practice). At this stage the students should write the instructions on the food or drink they can make by using the exercises that they have done before as examples. Finally, the Ss will have a speaking practice working in groups and talking about the best way to make Turkish and British tea. Then they will re-group and tell other partners about the best way of making the British or Turkish tea, they will then decide in groups whose recipe is the best one. At the end of the lesson the students will have a WCFB by correcting the mistakes in the sentences that the T will write on the board. The sentences will contain collocations (ex., a cup of tea) and TL that they have learnt during the lesson


Abc Gap fill-out

Main Aims

  • Grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


CCQs and brief intro into the Grammar (2-3 minutes) • To briefly introduce them the Grammar point, check if they are aware of it in general and repeat the previous lesson

The Ss will be given the HO with 5 sentences about the drinks that they have learned before. They should mark the sentences if they find them True or False. This will be a pair work. After that they will be asked some CCQs in order to be briefly introduced to the TL that will be considered at this lesson

Grammar analysis (15-20 minutes) • To introduce the Ss the TL in a detailed way

The Ss will be given a HO that contains 5 steps. The Ss should complete every step by themselves and after each step the T will ask the CCQs

Controlled practice of the Grammar (7-10 minutes) • To practice the TL

The Ss will be divided into two groups: Tea and Sake. Each group will be given a different exercise of filling-in the gaps. After completion of the task, they can check each other in pairs and then will check their answers with the Answer Key which will be folded on the paper.

Semi-controlled practice (3-5 minutes) • To anchor the previously done exercises and to practice speaking

One person from each half will be paired with another person from another half. They should try to tell their partners the details of what they read without looking at the text (May be their partner can guess the topic?).

Semi-controlled written practice (to skip if time is a factor) (5-7 minutes) • To develop written skills and to anchor the TL

The students will be working individually. Each student should write the instructions on how to make some food or drink that they know how to do. Then they should share their instruction with the partner, working in pairs

Speaking (7-10 minutes) • To develop speaking skills, to anchor the TL and vocabulary

The students will be divided into groups: Turkish tea from Istanbul and Antalya and British tea from London and Manchester, and discuss what's different about making Turkish and British Tea. They should describe British Tea and Turkish Tea. Then they will re-group and share the descriptions. Inside the groups they can decide which description was the best. Meanwhile, the T should monitor the discussions to help the Ss with the vocabulary and to find out the mistakes. After the completion of the task, the T will write on the blackboard the mistakes that were found and let the Ss correct the mistakes.

Extra activity (2-3 minutes) • To let the Ss elicit their own mistakes and do the correction

The T will write on the blackboard 5 sentences on the TL and collocations where each sentence will contain a mistake that the Ss should find and give a right answer.

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