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How to get to the USA?
Intermediate, Grade 7, B1 level


Ss will find information to be able to apply for an appropriate U.S Visa, then fill firs page of aplication form and then will be interviewed by an immigration officer.


Main Aims

  • Ability to work with official recommendations, documents and authorities. Reading, text understanding, speaking. Future tenses.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Soft skills: team work, to be a stronger Ss means to able to help others with their problems, not knowing means ability to ask.


Warmer/Lead-in (10 min.) (8-10 minutes) • Brainwriting to set lesson context

T divides SS into 3 groups (business, travelling, studying) of 5 (In each group should be a stronger and weaker SS as well). Each group needs its describer, speaker and adviser. Question for brainwriting: What is a VISA? Instruction: Work in groups to explain what "VISA" means. Write it down and then read loudly. T writes a final definition on the board.

Pre-reading 2 min (2-3 minutes) • Meaning of key words

Instruction: You have got one and a half minutes to translate these words: nationality, citizenship, the reason for travelling, apply, recommended (written on the board). Work in groups, you can use Google Translator. (T doesn't tell but each SS in a group should translate one word to finish work in time.)

Reading (10-12 minutes) • a quick reading to find needed information

Instruction: on this web site you will find all the information you need to answer the following questions: 1. Does your group need a VISA to get to the USA? 2. If so, what type of VISA is recommended? 3. How long can you stay in the USA with this type of VISA? Work individually and write down your answers. When someone is finished, he can help others if necessary. Everyone in the group can answer the questions when T asks. Then the speaker tells other groups.

Application form (4-6 minutes) • Ability to fill the application form

Instruction: Continue on the website and fill the first page of the application form individually. Of something is unclear, you can ask SS in your group when he is finished. T checks out the forms.

Interview with an immigration officer (10-12 minutes) • abillity to speak with an officer, using of future tense

You got your VISA to the USA! Congratulation! The last step is an interview with an immigration officer and that's me. Instruction: Cooperate in your group and prepare your questions to the following answers: 1. Why are you coming to the USA? 2. Where are you going? 3. Where are you going to stay? 4. How long are you going to stay here? Your answers must be different and corectly answer. If somebody doesn't pass, nobody does. And there is the adviser who can help you.

Conclusion (1-2 minutes) • feedback

Welcome to the USA! You all are great to get in here and I can get "1" into your "Passports". T. asks SS, if they like or dislike the lesson, what they find the most difficult or easiest.

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