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Teaching Practice 5
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will practise how to make '-Wh Questions' in the Simple Present Tense. They will learn the meanings of the question words first. They will ask questions within the context, match the questions words with appropriate words. Then they will work on a handout in which they will be supposed to put the words in correct order to make questions. It will be followed by drilling. After drilling, they will be given another handout and they will make questions by adding 'do' after the '-wh question word''. They will write answers for these questions and ask the questions to each other. For the final activity, they will be given role play cards and speak with different students in the class.


Abc Flashcards including -wh questions
Abc HO 1
Abc Role play cards
Abc Audio CD

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of making ''wh-'' questions in the Simple Present Tense in the context of free time activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice of by using ''wh- questions'' in the context of famous people


Lead - in (0-5 minutes) • To get ss' attention to the context with the support of visual material

T will stick a picture of a famous couple on WB, write wh- question words around the picture and want ss to ask questions about the couple. T also draw a star which includes the key words for the answers. While students ask the questions, T will be writing them on the board.

Conveying the meaning (0-10 minutes) • To make sure that ss know the meanings of the question words

T will stick the question words and to which concept they refer on WB. Four ss will be invited to the board to match the words with the concepts. T will give feedback according to their answers. Then ss will be given a gap-fill exercise about wh- words and when they finish, they will listen a short dialogue ,which is written in their exercise,on the tape and check their answers. They will be asked if they want to listen one more time and then ss will give the answers out loud. Errors will be corrected again.

Conveying the form (0-10 minutes) • To introduce ss to the Present Simple question form and provide practice in terms of form

T will draw a circle on WB and write the words of a question randomly in it. Then she will try to elicit the question in correct order from ss. T will write the model sentence on the board and ss will be introduced to the form. Following this, ss will be given HO1 to put the words in order. They will read the answers out loud and t will correct the errors.

Conveying the pronunciation (0-5 minutes) • To provide ss to practise the correct pronunciation of the target language

Model sentence will be drilled chorally and individually. T will add the other wh- words as well to make sure that ss will practise the pronunciation of all the TL they have learnt.

Pre-speaking activity (0-3 minutes) • To provide ss to practise TL through a controlled practice

Ss will be given a handout to make questions with wh- questions by writing. They will only put 'do' in the sentences and re-write them. WCFB will be quickly given

Speaking activity #1 (0-5 minutes) • To provide ss practise the TL for accuracy with words and pronunciation

Ss will ask the questions in their handout to each other. T will be monitoring them and noting their errors to correct later.while they are speaking.

Speaking activity #2 (0-5 minutes) • To provide students practise speaking for fluency

Ss will stand up and come to the board. They will make two lines and be given role play cards including personal information about different famous people. They will ask wh- questions to ech other by using the Present Simple Tense. After they have learnt about a celebrity, they will go to another student to find out about him/her.

Error Correction (0-2 minutes) • To make sure that ss learn the TL correctly

After ss go to their chairs, T will be correcting the errors which she has heard while ss are on the speaking task. T will write the errors on the board and elicit the correct answers.

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