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Main aim is reading
Beginners level


In this lesson' SS learn about the second conditional through guided discovery, based on reading a text about restaurants. The lesson starts with reading the guide and filling out the table with different food names and different countries. After listening to a recording there is some controlled practice through sentence reformulation and free practice via role-playing speaking activity.


Abc Table for nationalities stage 3
Abc Reading exercise- stage 2
Abc Guide to restaurants - stage 2
Abc Writing exercise- stage 2

Main Aims

  • Main aim is reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • To present the adjectives related to names of countries


Stage 1-lead in (1-4 minutes) • To establish context by using restaurants as a common point of reference.

- Introduce myself and say good morning - Tell SS about a restaurant I have eaten at, and elicit from them common eating places they all might know - We are establishing a common point of reference(context)

Stage two - Gist reading (3-8 minutes) • Gist reading for names of restaurants

- Tell SS to quickly read the exercise and find the names of the restaurants. - Give out reading exercise. - Give SS two minutes to read. - Group SS - Explain exercise- show guide - do the first sentence with SS - Pizzeria Bella Roma. A small Italian..... - Give each group a guide - Give each SS an answer sheet - Give SS a few minutes to fill in answers - Give each group a chance to give one answer

Stage 3 - Pre teaching of vocabulary - Nationalities (1-12 minutes) • I use the table and recording 1.69 to show form and pronounciation

- Group SS - Explain exercise - do the first sentence with SS - Give each SS an answer sheet - Give SS a few minutes to fill in answers - Give each group a chance to give one answer - Build a list of countries and nationalities on board(eliciting answers from SS) - Talk about the restaurants- ex. The Shanghai restaurant is a Chinese restaurant. It has Chinese food. Its a good restaurant for a birthday party. - Write on board: a Turkish restaurant a Chinese restaurant a Japanese restaurant an Italian restaurant an American cafe an Italian restaurant - An is used when a word starts with a vowel, A, E, I, O, U - A is used when a consonant follows - Give a few more examples for use of a and an...an apple, a bowl of spagetti... - Ask SS to write one sentence about a restaurant or cafe they know. - Get feedback from SS

Stage 4- Reading for detail (1-14 minutes) • Reading exercise for detail

- Explain that this is a reading exercise-every SS reads to himself - Hand out reading exercise - Give SS few minutes to read exercise - Regroup SS - Explain exercise to SS, they have to write answers in group, do first answer with them - Give SS time to write answers - Feedback from each group

Writing extension - stage 5 (1-8 minutes) • This exercise is based on what the students have read, to practice writing

- Ask SS to think about a restaurant or cafe they know - Ask SS to write a few sentences about it - Give them a few minutes - Ask feedback - ask SS to read back the answers but not say the name of the restaurant. - Ask SS if they know the name of the restaurant based on the information the SS has given.

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