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Teaching Practice 3
Elementary level


In this lesson,students will be taught about vocabulary basing on the previous two lessons through discussing the activities done on the evenings and weekends using different time phrases.Example,in,on,at and every.


Abc Time phrases gap fill hand out,Time phrase snap hand outs and snap cards

Main Aims

  • To provide students with review and practice of vocabulary based on weekend and Evening activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To focus students on grammar,vocabulary,speaking basing on time phrases and activities they do on weekends and evenings


Warmer lead in • To help students see the use of time phrases,in on and at.

Teacher will write on,in and at on the white board and explain to the students how they are used,Teacher will explain to the students that on is used with days,in is used with parts of the day and at is used with times.

practicing stage (3-7 minutes) • To help students see the use of time phrases,in on and at.

I will provide a hand out with four big circles for students to fill in,while they are working i will draw four big circles they are working on on the white board,when each student has finished ,i will ask them to check with their partner to help each other fill in the circles,when they finish ,we will fill in the four big circles on the board as a class.

practicing stage two/speaking. (3-10 minutes) • To enable students do more practice on the times and phrases .

Teacher will photocopy one work sheet for each pair of students cut into two separate sets and shuffle each set. I will put students into pairs and give a student A set to one student and B to his or partner.student A will sit on the left of student B.students will be provided with a paper to keep score,students will turn the cards one by one and if they match the first student to say snap will get a point and write their name on the piece of paper,if the cards do not match,students continue putting down the cards at the same time untill some one says snap.

Eliciting and detailed practice. • To give students opportunity to use vocabulary grammar and speaking

I will put students in three groups A,B and C and give them hand out three to work on their own by choosing the correct words in the phrases.After that ,students will check answers with someone from the same group and if they do not agree,i will as them to check on the hand out with in,on,at and every.studentswill be instructed to make questions with you phrases as given in the example on number one from number two to five with their partners.Teacher will ask students to give her examples of the sentences they have written.I will write them on the white board and instruct students agin to to ask their neighbours those exact questions.If two students answer yes i will tell the students to write their names in the name column on the table and if time they will be asked to change partners.students will be instructed to tell the class about people in their table and then make a sentence for example paola and jurgen both watch TV every morning.

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