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A2 level


This lesson is focused on the meaning, form and pronunciation of two Perfect time expressions "already" and "yet".


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of present perfect simple time expressions "already" and "yet" in the context of horoscopes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a dialogue, discussion
  • To provide product writing practice of a positive,negative and question sentences


lead in (4-5 minutes) • brainstorm and get model sentences

The teacher quickly brainstorms and links her lesson to the previous receptive (reading) skills lesson. Asking them to find two sentences with `already` and `yet` she is going to get model sentences on the WB, making students comment on the meaning of these. In this stage she is commenting only when students loose the track.

discover the gammar (12-15 minutes) • make students to discover the meaning, structure of new grammar.

Learners will be handed a sheet of paper which includes a dialog, questions about its meaning and use of time expression `already` and `yet`. By this activity teacher tries to elicit the meaning, making students to discover it. After she reads the question aloud and checks the answers explains each question without moving to the other. Teacher asks some more CCQs questions, if needed and practices the pronunciation. The she hands them answer key so that they could compare and check their answers again.

Controlled activity (7-8 minutes) • fill in the gap

Another dialog, missing the words `already` and `yet`, will be given to students. They are going to fill the gaps in pair then compare answers in a groups. Teacher is going to monitor the students and make sure that they understood it wright. If the answers of the students are correct then teacher hands answer key, if not they do WC FB. Then the learners practice the dialog.

Semi controlled activity (7-8 minutes) • practising new grammar

A sheet including some sentences and an example question sentence will be handed the learners. They are going to make question sentences have you…. Yet? And Give answers like Yes, I have already… or No, not yet. Teacher gives them example then ask students to walk around and ask each other questions.

Semi controlled activity (10-11 minutes) • practising new grammar

The teacher hand a picture to students and asks what is it, have they ever been to fortuneteller. Then shows them words in the clouds and says that her friend can predict future with Turkish coffee. In pairs they should make positive, negative and questions sentences with the given words.

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