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In this lesson students will practice speaking and listening by observing photographs of people, as well as listening to an audio track. The idea of morphing a regular verb by +s for uses with he/she using worksheets and repetition. Students will form complete sentences via PW to practice the +s concept. Audio portion will help students match sounds to text and also identify persons by matching them to supplied handout photos.


Main Aims

  • Listening and speaking about where people live and work.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Review and practice the morphology of regular verb present simple she - +s


Lead-in: Introduce myself (4-5 minutes) • Establish rapport and introduce +s concept

- Open MP3 file (audio 1.40) in player. Kangaroo picture minimized for stage 3 and stage 4 - Welcome class. - "I live in Kadikoy" and write on WB. - Ask ss individually where they live - write a few examples on board "He lives in Moda"

Jobs vocabulary (9-10 minutes) • Practice and analyze +s of regular verb present simple

- Pass out HO "He works, she works" - Post photographs of doctor and manager on WB. T tells SS to look at phots and to complete section "A". - T write 1-4 on board and have SS write answers after completing task for visual feedback and to check their work. If any incorrect ask SS for suggested correct answer - Draw attention to section "b" of HO ask ss to read first line of A and B. Ask ss "how are they different" to elicit the +s as the concept. Repeat with second line of both A and B.

Make sentences (11-12 minutes) • PW to form sentences

- Sort class into pairs. - Distribute "Make Sentences." Solve problem (a) and (b) with WC before PW. - Monitor PW allow 5 minutes - Write (a) - (f) on WB - nominate a person from 4 of the groups to fill in WB blanks. If incorrect, elicit correct answer from WC.

Pre-teach vocabulary "Parents, Brother, Sister, Australia" (2-3 minutes) • SS understand vocabulary for following stage "Listening to Donna's Family"

- Draw own family tree on WB with "Mother" and "Father" at top boxes. Elicit vocabulary from SS: brother, sister, parents - Erase WB. Joke: tell them I have a photo of my mother. OHP slide of Kangaroo. Teach "Australia" with questions: "what is this?" and "where does a Kangroo live?"

Listening to "Donna's Family" (14-15 minutes) • SS identify and extract information from listening

-Ask ss to listen for names of people and where they live and where they work on upcoming audio. -Listen once -Distribute HO "Donna's Family (1)" (photo with globe) -Ask students complete fill-in vocabulary on HO and play audio second time. -Check answers by holding sheet on chest and eliciting WC to supply answers. -Distribute HO "Donna's Family (2)" ask ss who are the people in three photos (section 1) -SS to complete box 2 with "lives, works, has" -Draw complete section 2 box on WB. Elicit answers and chorally work all forms of I/we/they and he/she.

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