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B2 level


Teach how to express wants in the from of "I wish...would..."


Main Aims

  • To teach students to express wants in the form of "I wish" + "Would"

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice writing skills and speak for oral fluency


Warmer (1-3 minutes) • Set the context for the lesson and elicit vocab

Draw the annoyed emoji on the board, and have the students think about the emotions it is expressing ("How does he feel?"). Then distribute markers to students and have them write on the board anything they can think of that expresses this feeling.

Leadin-In (3-5 minutes) • To encourage learners to deduce meaning from context

Elicit that the emoji expresses being annoyed if a students hasn't already put it up on the board. If students seem unsure about "annoyed," quickly CCQ: "Are you happy when you're annoyed?" No. "Is there a problem?" Yes. "Does the problem happen only once?" No. Prepare to distribute HO1. "Here are some people who are annoyed. Please read through and tick (motion) anything you agree with." ICQ: "Shout out loud or read quietly?" "Work in pairs or alone?" "Will you tick the ones you agree with?" Distribute HO1

Lead-In 2 (2-3 minutes) • To give practice in reading and oral fluency

Ask students to compare which ones they agree with. Pair off students. Then have them choose the three most annoying things from the list. WCFB

Clarification (5-7 minutes) • Clarify the TL

"I wish people would stop using emoticons and smiley faces. I wish people would turn up when they say they're going to. I wish my friends would put their phones away." Use the sentences to CCQ and build a formula. "Is there a problem here?" "Does s/he want things to be the same or different?" "Is it happening now?" "Will it continue to happen in the future?" "is it likely to change?" Then single slides for "I wish people wouldn't start rumors that aren't true" in order to confirm that the formula is the same for the negative, and another single slide for "I wish my son wouldn't always leave the care with no petrol" to demonstrate adverb placement.

Controlled practice (5-7 minutes) • Have students practice producing wish + would sentences given a prompt

"Working alone," then have students turn over to Ex 2 on the other side of HO1. After PC, WCFB by having students fgill out answers on the board

Freer Practice (5-7 minutes) • Students practice without prompts, then converse given a conversational model

"Write 3 (or more, depending on the time necessary to fill) things that you wish would change." Pair check, then use "useful language" in order to have students speak for fluency.

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