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Copy of TP-1 Fast food restaurants /past simple lesson
pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn about past simple tense, through guided discovery based on a reading text about fast food restaurants. They will learn about (regular, irregular, negative, past simple of be & can) from the fast food text. This lesson will finish with the practice of three different sounds of (ed) pronunciations of the verbs.


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Main Aims

  • To review and practice forming past simple positive and negative in the context of fast food restaurants.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice pronunciation of past simple regular verbs, focusing on the /id/ /t/ and /d/ sounds.


General procedure of the class • To review and practice past simple positive and negative in the context of fast food restaurants.

lead in/ warmer: This class will start with a short introduction about myself. Then elicit the tense used in the text before (fast food restaurants). Grammar: Ex 3a: Get students to underline past simple forms, and ask individuals to write the verb on the WB. Ex 3b: Ask students how to make simple past regular verbs? by adding (ed or d) at the end of the verb. Ask them is there a rule for irregular verbs- No. Ask them how to make the past simple negative? by (subject + didn't + verb). ex: i didn't play. Ex 4a: Get students to write the past forms of the verbs, from the text before. (HO) Ex 4b: I will dictate the verbs and ask the students to guess the correct (ed) pronunciation and they should write them down in the /d/ , /t/, or /id/ columns. (HO) Ex 5a: Set the context of the activity - McDonald's and brainstorm anything they might know. Then get the students read the next text about McDonald's, and fill the gaps 1-11.(photocopy). Ex 5b: Ask them to work in pairs, and check their answers. To extend activity: Ask the students to make questions about McDonald's. (HO)

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